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Coins catalog: by names & emitents

The theme of the private numismatic collection presented on the site: coin names. We are talking about the names of world coins that have been used (or are used today) by all peoples in all historical epochs. These are the denominations of coins + some types of coins that can be distinguished in a separate topic.

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ABBASI: Safavid Persia (Iran)
AFGHANI: Islamic State of Afghanistan
AGORA: State of Israel
AGORA, NEW: State of Israel
AKÇE: Crimean Khanate
ALBUS: Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel (Germany)
AMMAN KASU: Pudukkottai State (India)
ANNA: Sultanate of Muscat and Oman
ARIARY: Democratic Republic of Madagascar
ARTIG: Livonian Order (Reval City)
AS: Roman Empire
ASPER: City of Caffa
ASPROCASTRON: City of Moncastro
ASSARION: Bosporan Kingdom
ASSIS: City of Basel (Switzerland)
ATT: Kingdom of Laos
AUSTRAL: Argentine Republic
AVO: Portuguese Timor


BAGATTINO: Republic of Venice
BAHT: Kingdom of Thailand
BAIOCCO: Papal States (Italy)
BAISA: Sultanate of Muscat and Oman
BALBOA: Republic of Panama
BAN: Republic of Moldova
BAN LIANG: Chinese Empire (Western Han)
BANOVAC: Province of Slavonia (Hungary)
BATZEN: Canton of Lucerne (Switzerland)
BIRR: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
BLANCA: Crown of Castile (Castile and León Kingdoms)
BOLIVAR: Republic of Venezuela
BOLIVIANO: Republic of Bolivia
BON POUR COINS: Martinique as part of Overseas France
BORATYNKA: Grand Duchy of Lithuania
BUQSHA: Yemen Arab Republic
BUTUT: Republic of the Gambia


CANDAREEN-MACE: Hupeh Province (China)
CAROLUS: Free City of Besançon (Holy Roman Empire, France)
CASH: Kingdom of Travancore (India)
CAURI: Republic of Guinea
CAVALLO: Kingdom of Naples (Italy)
CEDI: Republic of Ghana
CEITIL: Kingdom of Portugal
CENT: Canada
CENT, HALF: Straits Settlements (East India Company)
CENTAS: Republic of Lithuania
CENTAVO: Chihuahua state (Mexican Revolution)
CENTAVO, MEDIO: Republic of Chile
CENTENIONALIS: Later Roman Empire
CENTESIMO: Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia (Italy)
CENTÉSIMO: Republic of Panama
CÈNTIM: Principality of Andorra
CENTIME: French Empire
CÉNTIMO: Republic of Costa Rica
CÊNTIMO: People's Republic of Mozambique
CHALKON: Greek city-state Olbia
CHETRUM: Kingdom of Bhutan
CHHERTUM: Kingdom of Bhutan
CHIAO: Empire of Manchuria
CHON: Korea (Japanese Protectorate)
CHUCKRAM: Kingdom of Travancore (India)
COLON: Republic of Costa Rica
CORDOBA: Republic of Nicaragua
CORNADO: Crown of Castile (Kingdom of Castile and Leon)
CORÓIN: Republic of Ireland
CORONA: Austro-Hungarian Empire
COTRIM: Kingdom of Portugal
COUNTERMARKED COINS: Kingdom of Hejaz (Saudi Arabia)
CROWN, HALF: United Kingdom
CRUZADO: Federative Republic of Brazil
CRUZEIRO: Federative Republic of Brazil
CRUZEIRO REAL: Federative Republic of Brazil
CUARTO: Principality of Catalonia (Spain)
CZWORAK: Grand Duchy of Lithuania


DALASI: Republic of the Gambia
DALER GOERTZ: Swedish Empire
DAM: Mughal Empire
DANG: Golden Horde
DECIME: French Republic
DECIMO: United Provinces of the Río de la Plata (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina)
DEN'GA: Russian Empire
DENAR: Republic of Macedonia
DENÁR: Kingdom of Hungary
DENARAS: Principality of Kyiv (as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania)
DENARIUS: Roman Empire
DENARIUS LIMES: Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Limes)
DENARO: Swiss Canton of Ticino
DENEZHKA: Russian Empire
DENGA: Tsardom of Russia
DENI: Republic of Macedonia
DENIER: France (French Revolution)
DENIER TOURNOIS: Duchy of Athens
DHABU: Princely State of Kutch (India)
DICHALKON: Greek city-state Olbia
DIME: United States of America
DINAR: Serbia (German occupation)
DINAR, NOVI: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
DĪNĀR: Imperial State of Iran
DINER: Principality of Andorra
DINERO: Republic of Peru
DIRAM: Republic of Tajikistan
DIRHAM: Kingdom of Morocco
DOBRA: Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
DOKDO: Princely State of Kutch (India)
DOLLAR: United States of America
DOLLAR, HALF: United States of America
DOLLAR, NEW: Republic of China (Taiwan)
DONG: Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam)
DOUBLE: Bailiwick of Guernsey
DOUBLE TOURNOIS: Kingdom of France
DRACHMA: Cretan State
DRAM: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Azerbaijan)
DREIPOLKER: City of Elbing
DUCAT: Principality of Wallachia
DUIT: United East India Company
DUPONDIUS: Tyras (Roman Empire)
DWOJAK: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
DWUDENAR: Grand Duchy of Lithuania


ECU: Principality of Dombes (France)
EKUELE: Republic of Equatorial Guinea
ERROR COINS: mint-made errors as a phenomenon in numismatic
ESCUDO: Portuguese Republic
EURO: Republic of Lithuania
EURO CENT: Republic of Latvia
EYRIR: Iceland


FALUS: Kingdom of Morocco
FANAM: Kingdom of Cochin (India)
FARTHING: Great Britain
FEN: Empire of Manchuria
FENIG: Regency Kingdom of Poland
FENING: Bosnia and Herzegovina
FEOIRLING: Republic of Ireland
FERRARINO: Marquisate of Ferrara (Italy)
FILLER: Kingdom of Hungary
FILS: Kingdom of Iraq
FLÓIRIN: Republic of Ireland
FLORIN: Austro-Hungarian Empire
FOLLARO: Kingdom of Sicily
FOLLIS: Roman Empire
FORINT: Second Hungarian Republic
FRANC: Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros
FRANC CFA: Economic Community of West African States
FRANG AR: Albanian Kingdom
FRANKEN: Saar Protectorate (Saarland)
FUANG: Kingdom of Cambodia
FURSTENGROSCHEN: Princely Abbey of Corvey (Germany)


GANI: Delhi Sultanate (India)
GERSH: Ethiopian Empire
GOURDE: Republic of Haiti
GRANO: Kingdom of Naples (Italy)
GRESCHL: Kingdom of Bohemia
GROESCHL: Kingdom of Bohemia
GRIVENNIK: Russian Empire
GROŠ: Second Bulgarian Empire (imitation of Venetian coin)
GROSCHEN: Duchy of Brunswick (German states)
GROSSETTO: Republic of Ragusa
GROSZ: Russian partition of Poland
GROTEN: Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (Germany)
GUARANI: Republic of Paraguay
GULDEN: The Republic of the Seven United Netherlands


HALALA: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
HALÉŘ: Czechoslovak Republic (First Republic)
HALIER: Slovak Republic
HANDHELLER: City of Schwäbisch Hall (Germany)
HAO: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
HELLER: Free imperial city of Aachen (Germany)
HEMIOBOL: Cyzicus (Ancient Greece)
HRYVNIA: Ukraine
HWAN: Republic of Korea


INTI: Republic of Peru
INTUR COINS: Republic of Cuba
IRAIMBILANJA: Malagasy Republic


JIAO: People's Republic of China
JITAL: Chauhans of Delhi and Ajmer (India)


KAKINI: Nava Naga dynasty (Ancient India, Narwar)
KAPIEJKA: Republic of Belarus
KARDEZ: Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
KARSHAPANA: Maurya Empire (Ancient India)
KEPING: Malacca
KINA: Independent State of Papua New Guinea
KIP: Lao People's Democratic Republic
KHARUB: Ottoman Tunisia
KHOUMS: Islamic Republic of Mauritania
KHUMSI: Kathiri Sultanate
KOBO: Federal Republic of Nigeria
KONVERTIBILNA MARKA: Bosnia and Herzegovina
KOPECK: Ober Ost (German Military Coinage; World War I)
KOPECK | AKÇE: Crimean Khanate (protectorate of the Russian Empire)
KOPECK-RUBLE | GROSZ-ZLOTY: Kingdom of Poland (as part of the Russian Empire)
KOPIIKA: Ukraine
KORI: Kutch State (India)
KORONA: Austro-Hungarian Empire
KORUNA: Czechoslovak Republic
KRAJCZÁR: Kingdom of Hungary (Hungarian Revolution of 1848-1849)
KREUTZER: Austrian Empire
KREUZER: Austrian Empire
KRONA: Kingdom of Sweden
KRÓNA: Iceland
KRONE: Principality of Liechtenstein
KROON: Republic of Estonia
KUNA: Independent State of Croatia
KURUŞ: Republic of Turkey
KURUŞ, YENI: Republic of Turkey
KWACHA: Republic of Malawi
KWANZA: Republic of Angola
KWARTNIK: Kingdom of Poland (Ruthenian kwartnik)
KYAT: Republic of the Union of Myanmar


LAARI: Sultanate of the Maldives
LARI: Georgia
LARIN: Sultanate of the Maldives
LATS: Republic of Latvia
LEEUWENDAALDER: Province of Gelderland (Netherlands)
LEK: Albanian Republic
LEMPIRA: Republic of Honduras
LEONE: Republic of Sierra Leone
LEPER COLONY COINS: Colombian leper colonies
LEPTON: Kingdom of Greece
LEU: Kingdom of Romania
LEV: Tsardom of Bulgaria
LIARD: Kingdom of France
LIKUTA: Democratic Republic of the Congo
LILANGENI: Kingdom of Swaziland
LIPA: Republic of Croatia
LIRA: Kingdom of Italy
LIRASI: Republic of Türkiye
LIRASI, YENI: Republic of Türkiye (Turkey)
LITAS: Republic of Lithuania
LITRA: Syracuse, Sicily
LIVRE: Republic of Lebanon
LOTI: Kingdom of Lesotho
LUMA: Republic of Armenia
LWEI: People's Republic of Angola


MACUQUINA: Spanish Empire (Bolivian issue)
MACUTA: Later Roman Empire
MAIORINA: Later Roman Empire
MANAT: Turkmenistan
MANGIR: Ottoman Empire
MARAVEDI: Kingdom of Spain
MARIENGROSCHEN: City of Goslar (Germany)
MARK: Republic of Estonia
MARKKA: Republic of Finland
MASSA: Kingdom of Dambadeniya (Sri Lanka)
MA-TAM: Kingdom of Bhutan
MATONA: Ethiopian Empire
MATTHIER: City of Hildesheim (German States)
MAZUNA: French protectorate in Morocco
MEDINI: Ottoman Empire
MENUT: Kingdom of Valencia (Spain)
METICAL: Republic of Mozambique
MIJT: Burgundian Netherlands
MIL: State of Israel
MILLIEME: Kingdom of Libya
MILLIM: Republic of Tunisia
MIRI: Timurid Empire
MOHAR: Kingdom of Nepal
MON: Japan
MÖNGÖ: Mongolian People's Republic
MUN: Great Joseon (Korea)


NAIRA: Federal Republic of Nigeria
NASRI: Ottoman Tunisia
NGULTRUM: Kingdom of Bhutan
NGWEE: Republic of Zambia
NOTGELD COINS: City of Hagen (Germany)


OBOLO: City of Asti (Italy)
OBULUS: Duchy of Teschen (Silesia)
OLBIA DOLPHIN: Greek city-state Olbia
OORD: Duchy of Brabant (Spanish Netherlands)
ÖR: Kingdom of Sweden
ÖRE: Kingdom of Sweden
ØRE: Greenland (colony of Denmark)
ORT: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
OUGUIYA: Republic of Mauritania


PAʻANGA: Kingdom of Tonga
PAI: Kingdom of Siam
PAISA: Baroda State (India)
PARA: Egypt Eyalet of Ottoman Empire
PARVUS: Kingdom of Hungary
PATACA: Macao Special Administrative Region of the PRC
PATAGON: Duchy of Brabant (Spanish Netherlands)
PAYALO: Princely State of Kutch (India)
PE: Burmese Empire (modern Myanmar)
PENGŐ: Kingdom of Hungary (the Regency or the Horthy era)
PENNI: Grand Duchy of Finland (Finnish Civil War)
PENNING: Duchy of Brabant (Spanish Netherlands)
PENNY: United Kingdom
PENNY, HALF: United Kingdom
PENNY, NEW: United Kingdom
PENTANUMMIUM: Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire)
PENTONKION: Messina (Sicily, Ancient Greece)
PENYAZ: Grand Duchy of Lithuania
PERPER: Kingdom of Montenegro
PESA: German East Africa
PESETA: Basque Country (Euzkadi, Spain)
PESEWA: Republic of Ghana
PESO: United Mexican States
PESO BOLIVIANO: Republic of Bolivia
PESO, NUEVO: Oriental Republic of Uruguay
PETERMENTGER: Electorate of Trier (Germany)
PFENNIG: Free City of Danzig
PFENNIG FRIESACHER: Duchy of Styria (Austria)
PFENNIG GUTER: Principality of Schaumburg-Lippe (Germany)
PFENNING: Kingdom of Prussia
PHAN: Vietnam (Đại Việt)
PIASTRE: Indochinese Federation
PICCIOLO: Kingdom of Sicily (Italy)
PICE: Kingdom of Bhutan
PIE: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
PINGIN: Irish Free State (Ireland)
PISO: Republic of the Philippines
PITIS: Palembang Sultanate (Indonesia)
POGH: Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
POISHA: People's Republic of Bangladesh
POLGROSZ: Grand Duchy of Lithuania
PÓŁGROSZ ŚWIDNICKI: city of Świdnica (Silesia)
POLKOPECK: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
POLTINA: Russian Empire
POLTINNIK: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
POLTORAK: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
POLTURA: Kingdom of Hungary
POLUSHKA: Russian Empire
POUND: United Kingdom
PROVISINO: Papal States (Rome)
PRUTA: State of Israel
PUL: Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
PŪL: Golden Horde
PULA: Republic of Botswana
PULO: Grand Duchy of Moscow (Tver, Russia)
PUNT: Republic of Ireland
PYA: Union of Burma
PYSA: Sultanate of Zanzibar


QƏPIK: Republic of Azerbaijan
QIAN: Chinese Empire (Northern Song)
QINDARKË: People's Socialist Republic of Albania
QIRAN: Sublime State of Iran (Persia)
QIRSH: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
QUADRANS: Roman Empire
QUART: British colony of Gibraltar
QUARTARO: Republic of Genoa (Italy)
QUARTER: United States of America
QUARTING: Kingdom of Hungary
QUATTRINO: Bologna (Papal States, Italy)
QUETZAL: Republic of Guatemala


RAND: Republic of South Africa
RAPPEN: Swiss Confederation
REAL: Azores (Portuguese administration)
REICHSMARK: German Reich (Third Reich or Nazi Germany)
REICHSPFENNIG: German Reich (Third Reich or Nazi Germany)
RENTENPFENNIG: Weimar Republic (German Reich)
REUL: Republic of Ireland
RIAL: Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen
RIEL: State of Cambodia
RIGSDALER: Kingdom of Denmark
RIN: Empire of Japan
RINGGIT: Malaysia
RIXDOLLAR: British Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
RIYAL: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
RUBEL: Republic of Belarus
RUBLE: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
RUFIYAA: Republic of Maldives
RUPEE: Emirate of Afghanistan
RUPIAH: Republic of Indonesia


SADAGURA COINS: Principality of Moldavia and Wallachia
SALUNG: Kingdom of Siam
SANTEEM: Provisional Military Government of Socialist Ethiopia
SANTIM: Kingdom of Morocco
SANTIMS: Republic of Latvia
SAPEQUE: French Indochina
SATANG: Kingdom of Siam
SCELLINO: Somali Republic
SCHERF: Duchy of Pomerania-Wolgast-Stolp
SCHILLING: Republic of Austria
SCHILLING COURANT: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
SCHWAREN: Grand Duchy of Oldenburg (Germany)
SCILLING: Republic of Ireland
SECHSLING: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Germany)
SEN: Empire of Japan
SENE: Western Samoa
SENGI: Democratic Republic of the Congo
SENITI: Kingdom of Tonga
SENT: Republic of Estonia
SENTE: Kingdom of Lesotho
SENTI: United Republic of Tanzania
SENTIMO: Republic of the Philippines
SESINO: Duchy of Parma and Piacenza (Italy)
SESTERTIUS: Roman Empire
SHAHI: Emirate of Afghanistan
SHEQEL: State of Israel
SHEKEL, NEW: State of Israel
SHEQEL, NEW: State of Israel
SHILIN: Somali Democratic Republic
SHILINGI: United Republic of Tanzania
SHILLING: East Africa Protectorate
SHO: Tibet
SHU: Japan (Edo period)
SIBERIAN COINS: Siberia Governorate of the Russian Empire
SILBERGROSCHEN: Kingdom of Prussia (Germany)
SKAR: Tibet
SKILLING: Kingdom of Denmark
SKILLING BANCO: Kingdom of Sweden
SKILLING RIGSBANK: Kingdom of Denmark
SKILLING RIGSMØNT: Kingdom of Denmark
SOL: Republic of Bolivia
SOL DE ORO: Republic of Peru
SOL, NUEVO: Republic of Peru
SOLDINO: Kingdom of Candia (Crete as Venetian overseas colony)
SOLDO: Kingdom of Italy
SOLID: City of Riga (Swedish Livonia)
SOLID-DUCAT: Duchy of Prussia (Germany)
SOLOT: Kingdom of Siam
SOʻM: Republic of Uzbekistan
SOM: Kyrgyz Republic
SOMALO: Trust Territory of Somaliland under Italian administration
SOMONI: Republic of Tajikistan
SOU: Province of Lower Canada
STATER: Bosporan Kingdom (Panticapaeum)
STIVER: British Ceylon
STOTIN: Republic of Slovenia
STOTINKA: Principality of Bulgaria
STUBER: Duchy of Jülich-Berg (Germany)
STUIVER: The Republic of the Seven United Netherlands
STUIVER BONK: Netherlands East Indies
SU: State of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
SUCRE: Republic of Ecuador
SYLI: Republic of Guinea
SZOSTAK: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth


TAKA: People's Republic of Bangladesh
TAKKA: Jodhpur State (India)
TAKVORIN: Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
TALA: Tokelau Islands
TAMBALA: Republic of Malawi
TANGA: Portuguese India
TANK: Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
TANKA: Sultanate of Jaunpur (India)
TAURIDE COINS: Russian Empire
TENGA: Emirate of Bukhara
TENGE: Republic of Kazakhstan
TEŇŇE: Turkmenistan
TERNAR: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
TESTON: Duchy of Lorraine (France)
TETARTERON: Byzantine Empire
TETRACHALKON: Laodikeia (Phrygia)
TETRADRACHM: Kushan Empire (India)
TETRADRACHM, CELTS: East-Central Europe
TETRASSARION: Olbia (dependence on the Roman Empire)
TETRI: Republic of Georgia
THEBE: Republic of Botswana
TIYIN: Republic of Uzbekistan
TIYN: Republic of Kazakhstan
TOEA: Independent State of Papua New Guinea
TÖGRÖG: Mongolian People's Republic
TOKEN COINS: Republic of Tatarstan
TOLAR: Republic of Slovenia
TORNESE: Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
TORNESELLO: Republic of Venice (possessions Stato da Màr)
TRACHY: Bulgarian Empire (imitation of Byzantine coin)
TRAMBIYO: Princely State of Kutch (India)
TRIHEMITETARTEMORION: Ephesus (Ionia; Ancient Greece)
TRILLINA: Duchy of Milan (old Italy)
TROJAK: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
TURNER: Kingdom of Scotland
TYIYIN: Kyrgyz Republic
TYMF: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth


VATU: Republic of Vanuatu


WHEEL MONEY: Greek colony Histria
WON: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)


XU: Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)


YANG: Korean Empire
YARMAQ: Golden Horde
YEN: Japan
YUAN: People's Republic of China
YUZLUK: Ottoman Empire


ZAIRE: Republic of Zaire
ZHU: Chinese Empire (Xin dynasty)
ZŁOTÓWKA: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
ZŁOTY: Republic of Poland
ZWEIER: Prince-Archbishopric of Salzburg (Austrian states)