Colon: coin from Republic of Costa Rica (1897-...); 100 céntimo


500 colones, 2006: Republic of Costa Rica

500 colones, 2006: Republic of Costa Rica


⠢⠴⠴ — denomination of the coin /"500"/ duplicated in Braille (relief-dot font for writing and reading by visually impaired people).

B.C.C.R.: Spanish "Banco Central de Costa Rica" — Central Bank of Costa Rica.

REPUBLICA DE COSTA RICA: Republic of Costa Rica.

Coat of arms of Costa Rica: two ships near the rocky mountains between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, 7 stars (number of provinces of the country), the sun. The legend "AMERICA CENTRAL" on the ribbon.

Mint: Casa de Moneda de Chile (Santiago, Chile).

Mintage: 6.000.000.

  • Brass plated steel: 33 mm - 11 g
  • Reference price: 1.5$

COIN COLON — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF COSTA RICA (1897-...): colón = 100 céntimo (1917-1919: colón = 100 centavo)
  2. REPUBLIC OF EL SALVADOR (1925-2000): colón = 100 centavo

About the name of the coin colon (colón): the coin is named after the Genoese navigator in the service of the Spanish Crown Christopher Columbus (Spanish "Cristóbal Colón") — the discoverer of America.