About DCC: private numismatic collection


This numismatic site is an attempt to systematize the private collection of world coins: by names, countries and historical periods.

In essence, the DCC is a numismatic dictionary with brief data on the geography and issue history of each coin type.

In total, the collection includes more than 2.400 coins: 290 countries and 500+ coin names.

This site presents only some coins from the private numismatic collection of Dema Yurii.

The complete collection of coins can be found at https://dema.com.ua/ (Ukrainian-language web resource; over 2500 different coins). — This site is no longer active as of September 2023.

The main theme of my coin collection is: to collect coins of all times and peoples with as many names as possible: cent, peseta, hryvnia...

It is impossible to collect all coins: no museum in the world presents ALL coins... But to collect at least one coin of all names — it is possible. It is very difficult, but there is a chance. I believe!

In my opinion, this is the most interesting topic for the collection of coins of the world: all territories and all historical periods are covered at the same time. This is exactly the topic I dedicate my collecting to.

Every coin shown on the site is in my collection.

DCC: Dema Yurii's collection of world coins

One of my favourite Ukrainian coin: 5 hryvnias 2016 (25 years Independence of Ukraine)

A few more words about this site and its structure...

Each coin presented on the site is part of a private numismatic collection — Dema coins collection (DCC).

The main idea, the theme of this numismatic collection is to collect at least 1 coin of different unique names, denominations: cent, penny, kopeck, franc, etc. The theme of the collection also covers the varieties of coin names that have become defining, symbolic, noticeable in numismatics (for example, Denarius, Republican Denarius, Limes Denarius...) and fractions of some denominations (Crown / Half Crown, Obol / Hemiobol...).

The subject of the numismatic collection described above is extremely unpopular and may seem strange. Maybe it really is... But, in my opinion, such an algorithm of coin collecting is optimal: it covers all historical periods and all countries, territories of the world, which at least once minted their own coins. 

Please note: the approximate parameters of the coins (namely: weight and diameter) are indicated for my specific, often significantly worn, specimens. The measurements were made by me personally: there may be slight inaccuracies caused by the imperfection of the measuring devices I used. The material of the coins is taken from numismatic catalogs. As for the indicated prices in US dollars: we are talking about the average, mostly pre-war (terrible massive teroristic russian invasion of Ukraine) value of coins in Ukraine close to the preservation level of my specific coins.

The site is filling up gradually: the total number of coin names presented in the collection is more than 500 items.

I’ll be grateful to numismatists for advice and comments:

  • write me an e-mail — demayuriy@gmail.com
  • or find me in Facebook — Dema Yurii, Baturyn


/I apologize for poor English; my native language is Ukrainian; but I try not to make many mistakes/