Republican denarius: coin of Roman Republic; 10 as


Republican denarius, 80 BC: Roman Republic

Republican denarius, 80 BC: Roman Republic

The coin is also known in Latin as "Denarius Serratus" — a type of denarius of the late Roman Republic (the form of the coin — serratus: jagged, sawn...; a method of protection against counterfeiting and damage). Such special edges were designed to show that the coin is made of solid silver, and there is no core of another, cheap metal.

Juno Sospita (an ancient Roman goddess, the protector and special counsellor of the state) with a spear and shield leads the biga — an ancient chariot drawn by two horses.

Below the horses is a snake.

L PROCILI F: initials of the Lucius Procilius Filius (moneyer of ancient Rome).

The head of Juno Sospita in goat skin.

SC: Latin "Senatus Consultum" ("Senate decision" — confirmation of the solvency of the coin).

Rome mint.

  • Silver: 18 mm - 3.37 g
  • Reference price: 29$

COIN REPUBLICAN DENARIUS — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. ROMAN REPUBLIC (3th-1th centuries BC): republican denarius = 10 as

About the name of the coin republican denarius: its name is purely conditional. It is used by modern numismatists to distinguish the denarii of the Roman Republic (508-27 BC) among all the denarii of ancient Rome.