Turner: coin from Kingdom of Scotland; 2 pence
Mangir: coin of Ottoman Empire (15th-18th centuries)
Krona: coin from Kingdom of Sweden; 100 öre
Notgeld coins: emergency money (coin substitute)
Pysa: coin from Sultanate of Zanzibar; 1/136 riyal
Halier: coin of Slovak Republic (1939-2008); 1/100 koruna
Sol de oro: coin from Republic of Peru (1935-1985)
Jital: coin of medieval Northern India (king Prithviraj III)
Cêntimo: coin from People's Republic of Mozambique
Teňňe: coin of Turkmenistan (1993-...); 1/100 manat
Denár: coin from Kingdom of Hungary (10th-18th centuries)
Santim: coin from Kingdom of Morocco (1974-...); 1/100 dirham
Kroon: coin from Republic of Estonia (1930-2010); 100 sent
Groschen: coin from Duchy of Brunswick (Germany)
Skilling rigsmønt: coin from Kingdom of Denmark (1856-1874)
INTUR coins: Cuban coinage for use by tourists (1981-1989)
Shilin: coin of Somali Democratic Republic; 100 senti
Tyiyn: coin of Kyrgyz Republic; 1/100 som
Pfenning: coin from Kingdom of Prussia (Germany)
Flóirin: coin from Republic of Ireland (1928-1968); 2 scilling
Kuruş: coin from Republic of Turkey; 1/100 lira
Centas: coin from Republic of Lithuania; 1/100 litas
Koruna: coin of Czechoslovak Republic; 100 haléř
Kopiika: coin of Ukraine (1992-...); 1/100 hryvnia
Countermarked coins: interesting numismatic phenomenon