COIN NAMES: numismatic dictionary

Czworak: coin from Grand Duchy of Lithuania; 4 grosze
Den'ga: coin of Russian Empire (1796-1828); type of denga
Trillina: coin from Duchy of Milan; 3 denari
Maiorina: coin of Later Roman Empire; 4th-5th centuries
Dhabu: coin from Princely State of Kutch; 1/8 kori
Denarius saracenus: coin from Kingdom of Hungary (1373-1382)
Trihemitetartemorion: coin of Ephesus (Ionia; Ancient Greece)
Stiver: coin of British Ceylon; 1/48 rixdollar
Siberian coins: polushka, denga, kopeck for Siberia
Sentimo: coin from Republic of the Philippines; 1/100 piso