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Matona: coin of Ethiopian Empire (1931); 1/100 birr

Shilling: coin of East Africa Protectorate (1921-1952); 100 cent

Centavo: coin of Chihuahua state (Mexican Revolution; 1913-1915)

Dirham: coin from Kingdom of Morocco (1960-...); 100 franc

Peseta: coin of Basque Country (Euzkadi, 1937); 100 céntimo

Somoni: coin from Republic of Tajikistan (2001-...); 100 diram

Leu: coin from Kingdom of Romania (1870-1947); 100 ban

Baiocco: coin of Papal States (17th-19th centuries); 1/100 scudo

Mazuna: coin of French protectorate in Morocco (1912-1922); 1/500 rial

Inti: coin from Republic of Peru (1985-1989); 100 céntimo

Krone: coin from Principality of Liechtenstein (1898-1915)

Dinar: coin of Serbia (German occupation, 1942-1943); 100 para

Kreuzer: coin of Austrian Empire (13th-19th centuries)

Tiyin: coin from Republic of Uzbekistan (1994-...); 1/100 soʻm

Groten: coin from Free Hanseatic City of Bremen; 1/72 thaler

Denga: coin from Tsardom of Russia; 1/2 kopeck

Gersh: coin of Ethiopian Empire (Abyssinia); 1/20 birr

Grosz: coin of Russian partition of Poland (Congress Poland; 1815-1841)

Greschl: coin from Kingdom of Bohemia (1760-1782)

Grivennik: coin of Russian Empire (1701-1796); 10 kopeck