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Sent: coin from Republic of Estonia (1928-2008); 1/100 kroon

Agora: coin from State of Israel (1960-...)

Denarius: coin of Roman Empire; 4 sestertius or 10 as

Sengi: coin from Democratic Republic of the Congo (1967-1997); 1/100 likuta

Miri: coin of Timurid Empire (14th-15th centuries); 1/4 tanka

Metical: coin from Republic of Mozambique (1980-...); 100 centavo

Luma: coin from Republic of Armenia (1994-...); 1/100 dram

Keping: coin of Malacca (Malay Peninsula, 19th century)

Lempira: coin from Republic of Honduras (1931-...); 100 centavo

Iraimbilanja: coin of Malagasy Republic (Madagascar); 1/5 ariary

Chalkon: coin of ancient Greek city-state Olbia; 2 lepton

Hao: coin from Socialist Republic of Vietnam; 1/10 dong