Pai: coin from Kingdom of Siam; 2 att
Peso: coin of United Mexican States; 100 centavo
Gulden: coin of Dutch Republic (Utrecht); 20 stuiver
Denar: coin from Republic of Macedonia (1993-...); 100 deni
Rial: coin from Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen
Reichsmark: coin of Germany (1925-1939); 100 reichspfennig
Quart: coin from British colony of Gibraltar
Lepton (plural — lepta): coin from Kingdom of Greece
Trachy: coin of Bulgarian Empire (imitation of Byzantine coin)
Fenig: coin of Poland as Germany puppet state (1917-1918)
Øre: coin from Greenland as colony of Denmark
Tetri: coin from Republic of Georgia (1993-...); 1/100 lari
Satang: coin from Kingdom of Siam; 1/100 baht
Goertz daler: coin of Swedish Empire (1715-1719)
Khoums: coin from Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Olbia dolphin: coin (proto-currency) of ancient Greek city
Qindarkë: coin from People's Socialist Republic of Albania
Solot: coin from Kingdom of Siam; 1/2 att
Att: coin from Kingdom of Laos; 1/100 kip
Tolar: coin from Republic of Slovenia; 100 stotin
Bolivar: coin from Republic of Venezuela (1879-...)
Friesacher pfennig: coin from Duchy of Styria (Austria)
Tetarteron: coin of Byzantine Empire (10th-13th centuries)
Ecu: coin from Principality of Dombes (France); 60 sol
Mijt: coin of Burgundian Netherlands (14th-16th centuries)
Yarmaq: coin of Golden Horde (13th-14th centuries); 48 pul
Republican denarius: coin of Roman Republic; 10 as
Boratynka: coin of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; solid
Rixdollar: coin of British Ceylon; 48 stiver