Dang: silver coin of Golden Horde (1311-1494)

Buqsha: coin of Yemen (1636-1963); 1/40 rial

Yen: coin of Japan (1870-...); 100 sen or 1000 rin

Ban: coin of Moldova (1993-...); 1/100 Moldovan leu

Amman kasu: coin from Princely State of Pudukkottai

Medini: coin of Ottoman Empire (XVI-XVIII centuries)

Livonian Schilling: coin from the Livonian Order (1424-1561)

Celtic tetradrachm: coin of celts in Central and Eastern Europe (300-50 BC)

Poltina: coin of Russian Empire (1699-1885)

Denier tournois: coin from the Duchy of Athens (1280-1308)

Dichalkon: coin of ancient Greek city-state Olbia (400-90 BC)

Polupoltinnik: coin of Russian Empire (1701-1810)

Yuzluk: coin of Ottoman Empire (1789-1833)

Asprocastron: coin from the city of Moncastro (XVth century)