Lari: coin of Georgia (1995-...); 100 tetri
Lilangeni: coin from Kingdom of Swaziland (Eswatini)
Real: coin of Azores (Portuguese administration)
Kobo: coin from Federal Republic of Nigeria
Zhu: coin of Chinese Empire (Xin dynasty)
Dram: coin of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Azerbaijan)
Gourde: coin from Republic of Haiti; 100 centimes
Litas: coin from Republic of Lithuania; 100 centas
Pataca: coin from Macao SAR of the PRC; 100 avo
Yuan: coin from People's Republic of China; 100 fen
Butut: coin from Republic of the Gambia; 1/100 dalasi
Taka: coin from People's Republic of Bangladesh; 100 poisha
Somalo: coin from Trust Territory of Somaliland
Half cent: coin of Straits Settlements (British Malaysia)
Konvertibilna marka: coin of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Qəpik: coin from Republic of Azerbaijan; 1/100 manat
Kwanza: coin from Republic of Angola; 100 cêntimo
Florin: coin of Austro-Hungarian Empire
Stuber: coin from Duchy of Jülich-Berg (Germany)
Yeni lirasi: coin from Republic of Türkiye (Turkey)