Grossetto: coin from Republic of Ragusa (1626-1801)
Double tournois: coin from Kingdom of France (13th-17th centuries)
Sesino: coin from Duchy of Parma and Piacenza
Półgrosz świdnicki: coin of Silesia for Poland (1517-1526)
Centenionalis: coin of Later Roman Empire (350-400)
Gani: coin of Delhi Sultanate (13th-16th centuries)
Tornesello: coin from Stato da Màr (Republic of Venice)
Nuevo sol: coin from Republic of Peru (1991-2015)
Ma-tam: coin from Kingdom of Bhutan; 1/2 rupee
Takvorin: coin from Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (1301-1373)
Pulo: coin from Tver (Grand Duchy of Moscow)
Litra: coin of Syracuse (Sicily, Ancient Greece)
Yeni kuruş: coin from Republic of Türkiye (Turkey)
Kakini: coin of Nava Naga dynasty (Narwar, India)
Tiyn: coin from Republic of Kazakhstan; 1/100 tenge
Quarting: coin from Kingdom of Hungary (1430-1437)
Pentanummium: coin of Byzantine Empire; 5 nummi
New agora: coin from State of Israel (1980-1985)
Denezhka: coin of Russian Empire (1849-1867)
Krajczár: coin from Kingdom of Hungary; 1/100 forint