Tetrachalkon: coin of Laodikeia (Phrygia)
Kopeck serebrom: coin of Russian Empire (1839-1848)
Stater: coin of Bosporan Kingdom (Panticapaeum)
Korona: coin of Austro-Hungarian Empire (Hungarian type)
Mariengroschen: coin from City of Goslar (Germany)
Rigsbankskilling: coin from Kingdom of Denmark
Quarter: coin from United States of America; 1/4 dollar
Matthier: coin from City of Hildesheim (Germany)
Trambiyo: coin from Princely State of Kutch; 1/2 dokdo
Toea: coin of Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Phan: coin of Vietnam (Đại Việt)
Dwojak: coin of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; 2 grosz
Sucre: coin from Republic of Ecuador; 100 centavo
Ör: coin of Sweden; type of öre (another spelling)
Massa: coin from Kingdom of Dambadeniya (Sri Lanka)
Assis: coin from City of Basel (Switzerland)
Quartaro: coin from Republic of Genoa (Italy); 1/4 denaro
Punt: coin from Republic of Ireland; 1990-2000
Stuiver bonk: coin of Netherlands East Indies
Rigsdaler: coin from Kingdom of Denmark