Paʻanga: coin from Kingdom of Tonga; 100 seniti
Leeuwendaalder: coin of Dutch Republic (Guelders)
Dollar: coin of United States of America; 100 cents
Afghani: coin from Islamic State of Afghanistan; 100 pul
Qian: coin of Late imperial China (Northern Song dynasty)
Kreutzer: coin of Austrian Empire; 1/60 gulden
Tālā: coin of Tokelau Islands; 100 cent
Pengő: coin from Kingdom of Hungary (1926-1945); 100 filler
Riel: coin from State of Cambodia (1970-...); 100 sen
Piastre: coin of Indochinese Federation (1885-1947); 100 cent
Pound: coin of United Kingdom; 100 pence
Sadagura coins: denga-kopeck | para (double denomination)
Escudo: coin of Portuguese Republic; 100 centavo
Mon: coin of Japan (...-1870); 1/250 shu
Rupee: coin from Emirate of Afghanistan; 64 falus
Pai: coin from Kingdom of Siam; 2 att
Peso: coin of United Mexican States; 100 centavo
Gulden: coin of Dutch Republic (Utrecht); 20 stuiver
Denar: coin from Republic of Macedonia (1993-...); 100 deni
Rial: coin from Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen
Reichsmark: coin of Germany (1925-1939); 100 reichspfennig
Quart: coin from British colony of Gibraltar
Lepton (plural — lepta): coin from Kingdom of Greece
Trachy: coin of Bulgarian Empire (imitation of Byzantine coin)
Fenig: coin of Poland as Germany puppet state (1917-1918)