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Trojak: coin of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; 3 grosze

Dime: coin from USA; 10 cents or 1/10 dollar (1796-...)

Polushka: coin of Russian Empire (14th-19th centuries)

Möngö: coin of Mongolian People's Republic (1925-...); 1/100 tögrög

Quattrino: coin of Bologna (Papal States, Italy); 4 denari

Szostak: coin of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; 6 grosz

Boliviano: coin from Republic of Bolivia (1864-1951 + 1987-...)

Leone: coin from Republic of Sierra Leone (1964-...); 100 cent

Denaro: coin from Swiss Canton of Ticino (1813-1841); 1/12 soldo

Cruzeiro real: coin from Federative Republic of Brazil (1993-1994); 100 centavo

Hryvnia: coin of Ukraine (1996-...); 100 kopiikas

Thebe: coin from Republic of Botswana (1976-...); 1/100 pula