Rin: coin from Empire of Japan; 1/1000 yen
Cotrim: coin from Kingdom of Portugal (1438-1481)
Payalo: coin from Princely State of Kutch (1943-1947)
Corona: coin of Austro-Hungarian Empire
New penny: coin of United Kingdom (1971-1981)
Ternar: coin of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; 3 denar
Quadrans: coin of Roman Empire; 1/4 as
Haléř: coin of Czechoslovak Republic; 1/100 koruna
Menut: coin from Kingdom of Valencia (Spain)
Senti: coin from United Republic of Tanzania
Paisa: coin of Baroda State; 1/64 rupee
Pfennig: coin from Free City of Danzig; 1/100 gulden
Pitis: coin of Palembang Sultanate (17th-19th centuries)
Öre: coin from Kingdom of Sweden; 1/100 krona
Albus: coin from Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel
Mark: coin from Republic of Estonia (1922-1926)
Piso: coin from Republic of the Philippines
Groš: coin of Bulgarian Empire (imitation of Venetian grosso)
Franken: coin of Saar Protectorate (1954-1955)
Santeem: coin of Ethiopia (1944-...); 1/100 birr
Blanca: coin from Crown of Castile (Spain); 1/60 real
Rentenpfennig: coin of German Reich (Weimar Republic)
Penni: coin from Grand Duchy of Finland (Finnish Civil War)
Cavallo: coin from Kingdom of Naples; 1/12 grano
Laari: coin of Maldives (British Protectorate); 1/100 rufiyaa