Celtic tetradrachm: coin of celts in Central and Eastern Europe (300-50 BC)


Celtic tetradrachm, 200-100 BC: tribes of celts in Carpathian region

Celtic tetradrachm, 200-100 BC: tribes of celts in Carpathian region

Celtic tetradrachms are the conditional name of ancient silver coins issued by Celtic tribes in Central and Eastern Europe. As a rule, it is a region of the Carpathian Mountains (modern Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine). All these coins are united by the fact that they are imitations (often primitive) of the same coin — the AR tetradrachm of Philip II of Macedon.

Primitive image: a stylized horse on thin legs with a rider in the form of a line of dots. Some obscure characters.

No less primitive portrait of Zeus.

Curved coin.

  • Silver: 7.04 g
  • Reference price: 18.1$

CELTIC TETRADRACHM — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. TRIBES OF CELTS IN CARPATHIAN REGION (circa 300-50 BC) — costoboci, hercuniates...

The name of the coin celtic tetradrachm is conditional, adopted among numismatists to denote the Celtic imitations of the ancient Greek tetradrachm.