Poltorak: coin of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; 1.5 grosz


Poltorak (Półtorak), 1623: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Poltorak (Półtorak), 1623: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Ruler: Sigismund III Vasa — King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, King of Sweden and Grand Duke of Finland; the first Polish sovereign from the House of Vasa. Monarch of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

MONE NO REG POLO (Latin "Moneta Nova Regni Polonie"): New coin (money) of the Kingdom of Poland.

Imperial orb with cross / Cross-bearing orb (symbol of the power of the monarch, a Christian symbol of authority). Symbol "24" inside mean 1/24 thaler (historically).

The date is indicated as "23" near the cross (1623).

Below Sas coat of arms (noble coat of arms: stars near the arrow above the crescent).

SIGIS 3 D G REX P M D L (Latin "Sigismundus III Dei Gratia Rex Poloni, Magnus Dux Lithuani"): Sigismund III by the Grace of God King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania.

Coat of arms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: two eagles as a symbol of Poland and two knights /"Pahonia", lit. "Vytis"/ as a symbol of Lithuania.

The number "3": poltorak is equal to three polgrosz.

Bydgoszcz mint.

  • Silver: 19.5 mm - 1.02 g
  • Reference price: 1.9$

COIN POLTORAK — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. POLISH-LITHUANIAN COMMONWEALTH (17th-18th centuries): poltorak = 1.5 grosz = 3 polgrosz

The name of the poltorak coin fully reflects its value — 1.5 grosz (Polish "półtora" = one and a half) or 3 polgrosz. By the way, at first glance, this coin is very similar to the coins of neighboring state entities: dreipolker and furstengroschen.