Dreipolker: coin from City of Elbing (Swedish occupation, 1628-1658)


Dreipolker (Dreipölker / 3 Pölker), 1630: City of Elbing (Swedish occupation)

Dreipolker (Dreipölker / 3 Pölker), 1630: City of Elbing (Swedish occupation)

Elbing — the German name of Elbląg, a city in northern Poland which until 1945 was a German city in the province of East Prussia (during the First Partition of Poland in 1772 Elbląg was annexed by Kingdom of Prussia; before that the city was part of Kingdom of Poland).

Ruler: Gustavus Adolphus — the King of Sweden.

Date on coin: 30 (1630).

MON: NO: CIVI: ELB: Latin "Moneta Nova Civitas Elbing" — New money (coin) of the city of Elbing.

Imperial orb with cross / Cross-bearing orb (symbol of the power of the monarch, a Christian symbol of authority); symbol "Z4" inside (stylized inscription of "24": mean 1/24 talar).

Sign "Heart pierced by two arrows" (the sign of the münzmeister Marsilius Philipson: the mint of Elbing /now — the Polish city of Elbląg in the delta of the river of the same name/).

GVS: ADO: D: G: REX: S: Latin "Gustavus Adolphus Dei Gratia Rex Suecorum" — Gustav II Adolf, by the Grace of God, King of Sweden.

Coat of arms of the House of Vasa / Wasa (similar to the coat of arms of Sweden). Its members ruled the Kingdom of Sweden from 1523 to 1654 and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Polish "Rzeczpospolita") from 1587 to 1668.

The number "3" at the bottom: equality of the coin to 3 polkers.

Elbing mint.

  • Silver: 19 mm - 0.98 g
  • Reference price: 4.5$

COIN DREIPOLKER — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. CITY OF ELBING (POLISH-LITHUANIAN COMMONWEALTH, SWEDISH OCCUPATION): dreipolker = 3/2 grosz = 1/24 talar (thaler)
  2. CITY OF RIGA (SWEDISH LIVONIA): dreipolker = 1/24 thaler
  3. DUCHY OF COURLAND AND SEMIGALLIA (LIVONIA): dreipolker = 1/24 thaler
  4. BRANDENBURG-PRUSSIA (GERMANY): dreipolker = 1/24 thaler
  5. BISHOPRIC OF CAMMIN (POMERANIA): dreipolker = 1/24 thaler

All dreipolkers minted during the 17th century.

The name of the coin dreipolker (German "drei pölker" — three polkers) indicates the equivalence of three coins of the denomination "polker" (German name of the common silver polgrosz of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth).