Polgrosz: coin from Grand Duchy of Lithuania; 1/2 grosz


Polgrosz (Półgrosz), 1559: Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Polgrosz (lit. "Pusgrašis", pol. "Półgrosz"), 1559: Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Ruler: Sigismund II Augustus (Jagiellonian dynasty) — king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania; the first ruler of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Coats of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania ("Pahonia", lit. "Vytis") and Poland (eagle).

MONETA MAGNI DVCAT LITV (Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae moneta): coin (money) of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

SIGIS AVG REX PO MAG DVX L (Sigismundus Augustus Rex Poloniae Magnus Dux Lithuaniae): Sigismund Augustus — King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania.

Mint of Vilno (nowadays — Vilnius): shamrock sign as a separator between words.

  • Silver (0.375): 20 mm - 1.25 g
  • Reference price: 9$

COIN POLGROSZ — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. GRAND DUCHY OF LITHUANIA (1495-1569): polgrosz = 1/2 grosz
  2. KINGDOM OF POLAND (14th-18th centuries): polgrosz = 1/2 grosz
Some numismatic sources also refer to polgrosz as coins with a value of 1/2 groshen of the Principality of Moldavia and 1/2 gross of the Kingdom of Bohemia. This is not entirely true. Also consider a separate coin name — półgrosz świdnicki.

The name of polgrosz coin, obviously, speaks for itself: the coin was equal to half grosz (Polish "pół" — "a half").