Rixdollar: coin of British Ceylon; 48 stiver


1/192 rixdollar, 1802: British Ceylon (nowadays Sri Lanka)

1/192 rixdollar, 1802: British Ceylon (nowadays: Sri Lanka)


192: an indication of the equality of 192 such coins to one rixdollar.

Elephant as a central element of the coat of arms of British Ceylon and the date "1802".

Soho Mint (United Kingdom).

Mintage: 3.600.000.

It is also known about exactly the same coin in design, but it is made as a Proof quality of Silver plated bronze (some sources mention the Copper Gilt).

  • Copper: 18 mm - 2.37 g
  • Reference price: 17$

COIN RIXDOLLAR — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. BRITISH CEYLON (1801-1821): rixdollar = 48 stiver (not stuiver)

About the name of the coin rixdollar: the name of the Ceylon coin rixdollar is as similar as possible to the name of the main coin of the Dutch Republic (Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, 1588-1795) — the rijksdaalder. And, as we know, during 1656-1796 on the island of Sri Lanka, Dutch Ceylon prospered. Thus, the colonial coin of British Ceylon (1796-1948) inherited its name from its predecessor: the rixdollar — an English version of the term rijksdaalder.