Skilling banco: coin from Kingdom of Sweden (1835-1855)


1/6 skilling banco, 1854: Kingdom of Sweden

1/6 skilling banco, 1854: Kingdom of Sweden

Ruler: Oscar I (Joseph François Oscar Bernadotte) — King of Sweden and Norway from 1844 until 1859.


Two crossed arrows (coat of arms of the province of Dalarna) probably as Avesta Mint symbol. Avesta — an industrial town, the old Swedish center of copper mining in Dalarna province [although there is information that in the Avesta copper coins were continued to be minted only until 1831].

The denomination, date and mint mark are located inside an oak wreath.

RÄTT OCH SANNING: Justice and Truth (royal motto of Swedish monarch Oscar I).

Crowned monogram of the King of Sweden and Norway, Oscar I Bernadotte, surrounded by three golden crowns from the coat of arms of Sweden.

Mintage: 421.920.

  • Copper: 16 mm - 2.32 g
  • Reference price: 5.5$

COIN SKILLING BANCO — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KINGDOM OF SWEDEN (1835-1855): skilling banco = 1/48 riksdaler banco

SKILLING BANCO as coin name.
Skilling banco — one of the varieties of Swedish skilling. The coin with this name was struck exclusively from copper during the years 1835-1855. The following denominations of the specified period are known: 1/6, 1/3, 2/3, 1, 2 and 4 skilling banco. The skilling banco was 1/48th of the riksdaler banco.
It is interesting that during the 19th century, Sweden had several currency units in circulation at once, which were issued by various issuing institutions of the state. Riksdaler specie, riksdaler banco and riksdaler riksgälds were used in parallel, which had different values: 1 riksdaler specie = 8/3 riksdaler banco = 4 riksdaler riksgälds. The reasons and circumstances of this phenomenon are quite interesting and worth a separate study.
As for numismatics, we note: there were also different types of small coins. Exchangeable riksdaler specie coins had denomination in the "skilling" format without any prefixes (skilling = skilling specie = 1/48 riksdaler specie). Such coins were minted until 1835, after which only skilling banco was issued for the next 20 years. Due to the difference in the value of different riksdalers, the following ratio existed: 1 riksdaler specie = 48 skilling specie = 128 skilling banco.
The name of the skilling banco coin indicates the issuer of this type of skilling — the Central Bank.