Medio centavo: coin from Republic of Chile; 1/2 centavo


Medio centavo, 1851: Republic of Chile

Medio centavo, 1851: Republic of Chile

MEDIO CENTAVO inside wreath: half centavo.

ECONOMIA ES RIQUEZA: Economy is Wealth.

REPUBLICA DE CHILE: Republic of Chile.

Five-pointed star from the coat of arms of Chile.

Mintage: 2.200.000.

At least 3 coin types of the same design are known. In 1835 the same seemingly identical coin was issued, but it had almost twice the weight. But during the years 1851 and 1853, almost identical other 2 types of MEDIO CENTAVO, which differed only in the size of the star, were minted.

  • Copper: 23 mm - 5.09 g
  • Reference price: 17$

COIN MEDIO CENTAVO — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF CHILE (1835-1894): medio centavo = 1/200 peso
  2. REPUBLIC OF ECUADOR (1884-1909): medio centavo = 1/200 sucre
  3. REPUBLIC OF GUATEMALA (1932-1946): medio centavo = 1/200 quetzal
  4. REPUBLIC OF NICARAGUA (1912-1937): medio centavo = 1/200 cordoba

MEDIO CENTAVO as coin name.
Medio centavo — 19th-20th century coin of several Latin American countries, equal to 1/2 centavo.
You can easily find medio centavos of Chile, Nicaragua, Ecuador or Guatemala at numismatic online auctions. These coins were 1/200th of the Chilean peso, Nicaraguan cordoba, Ecuadorian sucre, and Guatemalan quetzal, respectively. The denomination is indicated as MEDIO CENTAVO (Spanish version).
It is also known about the medio centavo of the Philippines during the management of the US administration. Thus, during 1903-1908, corresponding bronze coins were minted with a denomination expressed in the HALF CENTAVO format (the English version of the spelling; formally, this is a slightly different denomination of the coin).
Since the beginning of the second half of the 20th century, the medio centavo has not been issued.
The name of the medio centavo coin is literally translated into English as "half centavo" and is, in a way, the Spanish equivalent of the US half cent coin.