Yuzluk: coin of Ottoman Empire (1789-1833)


Yuzluk, 1791: Ottoman Empire

Yuzluk (yüzlük), 1791: Ottoman Empire

Ruler: Selim III — 28th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire; tughra of Selim III.

Date on coin: 1789 — the first year of the sultan's reign. The date is specified as AH 1203 (AH: Latin "Anno Hegirae" — "the year of the Hijra"; Islamic calendar).

Istanbul mint.

  • Silver (0.465): 45 mm - 31.42 g
  • Reference price: 36$

COIN YUZLUK — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. OTTOMAN EMPIRE (1789-1833): yuzluk = 100 para = 2½ kuruş

The name of the coin yuzluk literally means "hundred" (or rather, Turkish "yüz" — one hundred, "yüzlük" — one consisting of 100). Interestingly, one of the dictionaries indicates the following translation of the term: a thing that protects (covers) the face.