Punt: coin from Republic of Ireland; 1990-2000


1 punt, 2000: Republic of Ireland

1 punt, 2000: Republic of Ireland

The legend on the coin is made in Gaelic type.

£1 - PUNT: £ — symbol for the pound, the currency of the United Kingdom, its associated Crown Dependencies, British Overseas Territories as well as for other currencies called pound, such as the Egyptian and Syrian pounds...; also, the exact same symbol was used to denote the Irish pound — or rather, the punt.

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TR: under the hind legs of the red deer by the micro font are indicated the initials of the author of the coin design (engraver) — Thomas Ryan (Irish artist, designer and medallist).

ÉIRE - 2000: Ireland - 2000.

Celtic harp also known as Trinity College harp / "Brian Boru's harp" (late-medieval Gaelic harp — "cláirseach") as coat of arms of Ireland.

Irish Mint (Dublin, Ireland).

Mintage: 31.913.000.

Security edge of the coin.

  • Copper-nickel: 31 мм - 10.06 g
  • Reference price: 3.3$

COIN PUNT — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF IRELAND (1990-2000): punt = 960 feoirling = 240 pingin = 40 reul = 20 scilling = 10 flóirin = 4 coróin

PUNT as coin name.
The subject of my collection is denominations and coin names. Taking this into account, I can confidently say that the absolute majority of modern states in the world are of little interest to me. After all, more than 99% of them use only 1-2 denominations of coins in their monetary circulation during the last half century, and even often non-unique names (specific to several countries at the same time): cent and dollar, penny and pound, centavo and peso...
I consider Ireland almost the only exception, which in recent history minted coins of 7 denominations at the same time!!!
The punt just shown here is the highest denomination in this coin series: punt = 960 feoirling = 240 pingin = 40 reul = 20 scilling = 10 flóirin = 4 coróin.
By the way, the punt was minted for the shortest period of all Irish denominations (only 10 years) and, moreover, only immediately before the introduction of the euro.
It is worth noting that the denominations mentioned above are nothing more than the Irish translation of the names of the coins of the neighboring United Kingdom. However, I consider them independent numismatic terms.
The name punt is an Irish adaptation of the British pound name.