Flóirin: coin from Republic of Ireland (1928-1968); 2 scilling


1 flóirin, 1955: Republic of Ireland

1 flóirin, 1955: Republic of Ireland

The legend on the coin is made in Gaelic type.

FLÓIRÍN - 2s: the denomination of the coin is indicated in a double format — 1flóirin = 2 scilling (similar to the British pre-reform monetary system: 1 florin = 2 shillings).


PM microcharacters under fish tail: engraver Percy Metcalfe — English artist, sculptor and designer; famous for his coin designs.

ÉIRE: Ireland.

Celtic harp also known as Trinity College harp / "Brian Boru's harp" (late-medieval Gaelic harp — "cláirseach") as coat of arms of Ireland.

Royal Mint (London, United Kingdom).

Mintage: 1.000.000.

  • Copper-nickel: 28.5 mm - 11 g
  • Reference price: 1.2$

COIN FLÓIRIN — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. IRELAND (1928-1968) — Irish Free State + Republic of Ireland: flóirin = 96 feoirling = 24 pingin = 2 scilling = 2/5 coróin = 1/10 punt

About the name of the coin flóirin (Irish florin): this coin's name is nothing but an Irish name of the florin coin minted by the neighboring United Kingdom during the 19th and 20th centuries.
In its turn, the florin is a descendant of the ancient coin of the Republic of Florence (medieval Italy), famous in Europe in its time (from 13th century) "fiorino d'oro" — the first European gold coin struck in large quantities after solidus in the seventh century.