Tetri: coin from Republic of Georgia (1993-...); 1/100 lari


20 tetri, 1993: Republic of Georgia

20 tetri, 1993: Republic of Georgia

Mirrored red deer from artwork "Deer" by Niko Pirosmanashvili (world-famous Georgian artist of the 20th century, self-taught, vivid representative of the primitive style in painting).

20 თეთრი: 20 tetri.

Borjgali (Georgian "ბორჯღალი") — one of the oldest Georgian symbols, the personification of the Sun and eternity: seven rotating wings (sun rays, and their roundness meant the eternity of movement) over the tree of life.

საქართველოს რესპუბლიკა - REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA: the official name of the state until 1995 in Georgian and English (after 1995 — simply "Georgia").

By the way, Georgians themselves call their state "Sakartvelo".

Despite the date "1993", the coin was released into real circulation in 1995.

Paris mint (Monnaie de Paris, France).

  • Stainless steel: 25 mm - 5 g
  • Reference price: 0.2$

COIN TETRI — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. GEORGIA (until 1995 — Republic of Georgia; 1993-...): tetri = 1/100 lari

About the name of the coin tetri (თეთრი): the name of the tetri coin literally means "white".
In ancient Colchis (the Kingdom of Colchis — the first ancient Georgian state; 6th century BC — 1st century AD), the term "tetri" (Georgian "თეთრი" — "white") was used to denote various white in color silver coins.
By the way, the old German coin Denarius albus or simply Albus has a similar etymology: Latin "albus" — "white".