Medini: coin of Ottoman Empire (XVI-XVIII centuries)


Medini, 1648 (AH 1058): Ottoman Empire

Medini, 1648: Ottoman Empire

Ruler: Mehmed IV — 19th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Date on coin: AH 1058 (AH: Latin "Anno Hegirae" — "the year of the Hijra"; Islamic calendar).

Indicated: the name of the Sultan (Mehmed), the name of his father (Ibrahim), the name of the mint (Misir) and the year of minting.

Heart-like knot (endless knot) — Islamic symbol (the influence of the ancient Golden Horde).

Mısır mint (Egypt).

  • Silver: 14 mm - 0.49 g
  • Reference price: 3$

COIN MEDINI — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. OTTOMAN EMPIRE (XVI-XVIII centuries): medini = 2 akçe

The exact origin of the name of the medini coin is unknown. There is a version of the connection with the city of Medina in Western Saudi Arabia — the second holy city of Islam, and the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad. Also here, Muhammad and his followers found refuge after the attacks on them in Mecca.