Halier: coin of Slovak Republic (1939-2008); 1/100 koruna


50 halier, 2007: Slovak Republic

50 halier, 2007: Slovak Republic

50 h: 50 halierov.

Watch tower ("Maiden Tower") of Devin Castle in Bratislava.

Micro mark "Z" of engraver Drahomír Zobek (chief engraver of Kremnica Mint between 1992 and 1997).

Coat of arms of Slovakia: a red shield, in early Gothic style, with a silver double cross standing on the middle peak of a dark blue mountain consisting of three peaks. The double cross is a symbol of its Christian faith and the hills represent three symbolic mountain ranges: Tatra, Fatra, and Matra (in nowadays Hungary).


Below the date is the mintmark and again the engraver's mark (Z) in microtype.

Kremnica Mint (Slovakia).

Mintage: 22.050.000.

  • Copper plated steel: 18.75 mm - 2.8 g
  • Reference price: 0.3$

COIN HALIER — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. SLOVAKIA — SLOVAK REPUBLIC /Slovak State/ as partially-recognized client state of Nazi Germany (1939-1944) + SLOVAK REPUBLIC (1993-2008): halier = 1/100 koruna

About the name of the coin halier (plural — halierov): in its essence, halier (next to the haléř of the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia) is nothing but a variety of the Middle Ages European coin (originally German) heller.