Piso: coin from Republic of the Philippines


5 piso, 1998: Republic of the Philippines

5 piso, 1998: Republic of the Philippines

REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS: Republic of the Philippines.


EMILIO AGUINALDO: Filipino revolutionary, statesman, and military leader, the first president of the Philippines (1899-1901). He led Philippine forces first against Spain in the Philippine Revolution (1896-1898), then in the Spanish-American War (1898), and finally against the United States during the Philippine-American War (1899-1901).

BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS: Central Bank of the Philippines.

Seal of the Central Bank of the Philippines.

1993 — year of the establishment of the new Central Bank of the Philippines.

Royal Canadian Mint (Winnipeg, Canada). — Also known are coins of this type from the Philippine mint (with a micro-logo under the bust of the first president).

  • Nickel brass: 27 mm - 7.7 g
  • Reference price: 0.2$

COIN PISO — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES (1969-...): piso = 100 sentimo

PISO as coin name is a type of the peso coin.
The piso is the modern currency of the Philippines. It is issued in the form of both banknotes and coins (both — standard circulation and commemorative). In fact, it is a peso — in the Wikipedia, the name of the currency in English is given as Philippine peso. On Philippine coins up to and including 1967, the denomination was also indicated in the "Peso" format (both on coins from the "Spanish" period of the state's history, and on coins from the era of the US administration and the first years of independence).
However, starting from 1969, coins appeared in circulation, the denomination of which began to be indicated as PISO: not in Spanish, and not in English, but in the native, local — Latin script of the Tagalog language.