Satang: coin from Kingdom of Siam; 1/100 baht


1 satang, 1937: Kingdom of Siam

1 satang, 1937: Kingdom of Siam

Ruler: Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII) — king of Siam during 1935-1946.

Date on coin: BE 2480 by the Buddhist Era (Buddhist calendar or Calendar of the Lord Buddha) = 1937 (Gregorian calendar).

Hole in the center of the coin.

สยาม ๑ สตางค์: Siam, 1 satang.

Unalom (Unalome) — the curl between the eyebrows of the Buddha, described as representing the "third eye" or the path to nirvana; Buddhist mark, symbolizing and denoting the procedure for achieving self-enlightenment.

พ.ศ. ๒๔๘๐: BE 2480.

The symbol of Chakri Dynasty: Sudarshana Chakra (a spinning, discus weapon with 108 serrated edges, attributed to Vishnu or Krishna in Hindu scriptures) — the Wheel of Time with blades.

Royal Thai Mint.

Mintage: 9.222.065.

  • Bronze: 22 mm - 5 g
  • Reference price: 7$

COIN SATANG — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KINGDOM OF SIAM + KINGDOM OF THAILAND (1897-...): satang = 1/100 baht

About the name of the coin satang (Thai "สตางค์"): the name of the satang coin translated from the ancient Pali language (now the liturgical language of Buddhism) literally means "one-hundredth part", which allows you to put it in the same row as such common coins in the world as cent, centime, céntimo, centavo, qindarkë...
There is also another version about the origin of the name from the term "टंक" ("Ṭaṅka") in Sanskrit, which indicates an ancient measure of weight of silver.