Kuna: coin from Independent State of Croatia (1941); 100 banica


2 kune (singular — kuna), 1941: Independent State of Croatia

2 kune (singular — kuna), 1941: Independent State of Croatia

The Independent State of Croatia — during WWII a puppet state of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. It was established in parts of occupied Yugoslavia on 1941. Its territory consisted of most of modern-day Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as some parts of modern-day Serbia and Slovenia.

2 KUNE - 1941.

Braided ornamentation.

NEZAVISNA DRŽAVA HRVATSKA: Independent State of Croatia ("NDH").

The coat of arms of the NDH of 1941-1945 (a shield with 25 squares and the emblem of the Ustashas /Croatian: "Ustaše"/ — a Croatian fascist organization).

Engraver: Ivo Kerdić.

  • Zinc: 19 mm - 2.25 g
  • Reference price: 18$

COIN KUNA — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. INDEPENDENT STATE OF CROATIA (1941): kuna = 100 banica + REPUBLIC OF CROATIA (1994-2022): kuna = 100 lipa

The name of the Croatian currency kuna comes from the ancient tradition of using marten ("kuna" in Croatian) fur as money in Slavic lands.
By the way, a variety of coins were called kuna in the Russian lands for a long time (until the 15th century).