Rubel: coin from Republic of Belarus (1996-...)


1 rubel, 2009: Republic of Belarus

1 rubel, 2009: Republic of Belarus

Non-circulating commemorative coin of Belarus.

РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ: Republic of Belarus.

1 РУБЕЛЬ: 1 rubel.

National emblem of Belarus (State Emblem of the Republic of Belarus) above the symbolic composition — a spinning wheel (symbol of eternal movement), annual rings on a tree, folk ornament, silhouettes of five larks.

ЛЕГЕНДА ПРА ЖАВАРАНКА: Legend of the Skylark.

A stylized image of a skylark, a plowed field and a sower.

Coin design: O. Novosiolova.

CJSC "Lithuanian Mint" (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Mintage: 5.000.

  • Copper-nickel: 33 mm - 16 g
  • Reference price: 7.7$

COIN RUBEL — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF BELARUS (1996-...): rubel = 100 kapiejka

RUBEL as coin name.
Rubel (Belarusian "Рубель"; plural: "Рублі") — the official monetary unit (since 1992) and coin of the Republic of Belarus. Consists of 100 kapiejka.
In the first few years after gaining independence, Belarus did not issue coins: only banknotes were issued.
However, already in 1996, for the first time in the history of Belarus, coins with the name of the state were minted: several jubilee and commemorative coins dedicated to the anniversary of the creation of the United Nations and sports themes. Each such Belarusian coin contained an indication of the denomination in the format "1 РУБЕЛЬ". Thus, a new monetary denomination appeared in world numismatics — the rubel.
For the next 10 years after the release of the first rubel (ruble of Belarus), state minted only commemorative / anniversary coins: for collectors. And it was only in 2016 that the first coins of Belarus for circulation saw the light of day: kapiejka and rubel.
For circulating 1 rubel (Belarusian "1 РУБЕЛЬ") and 2 rubels (Belarusian "2 РУБЛІ") are dated 2009. Contains images of the coat of arms of the Republic of Belarus.
The name of the rubel coin is apparently borrowed from neighboring Russia and is a recording of the Russian term "ruble" in the Belarusian language (Russian "Рубль", while Belarusian "Рубель"). That is, Belarus presented its own coins for the first time in modern history in the likeness of a purely Russian coins.