Livre: coin from Republic of Lebanon; 100 piastre


250 livre, 2003: Republic of Lebanon

250 livre, 2003: Republic of Lebanon

It is interesting that the denomination of this coin can be indicated as livre (which is exactly how it is indicated in Latin on the coin), and pound (the English version of the name of the Lebanese currency according to the international standard), as well as lira/līrah (the name of this monetary unit in Arabic). Three names for one coin, but I tend to think it is still a livre (as indicated directly on the coin).


BANQUE DU LIBAN: Bank of Lebanon (in French).

Geometric ornament.

مصرف لبنان: Bank of Lebanon (in Arabic).

٢٥٠: 250.

ليرة: pound (lira, livre).

٢٠٠٣: 2003.

Cedrus libani (Lebanese cedar) as the national emblem of Lebanon.

Czech Mint.

  • Aluminium-bronze: 23.5 mm - 5 g
  • Reference price: 0.4$

COIN LIVRE — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF LEBANON (1968-...): livre (lira, pound) = 100 piastre (qirsh)
  2. FRANCE AND FRENCH COLONIAL POSSESSIONS (before 1795: mostly as unit of account, not coin): livre = 20 sol (sou) = 240 denier

About the name of the coin livre: the term "livre" comes from the name of the ancient Roman unit of measurement of weight — "libra" (this is the original, Latin name for the pound-mass).
By the way, the first livre was established by Charlemagne (8th century AD) as a unit of account equal to one pound of silver coins.