Error coins: mint-made errors (phenomenon in numismatic)
Schilling: coin from Republic of Austria; 100 groschen
Pfennig: coin from Free City of Danzig; 1/100 gulden
Franken: coin of Saar Protectorate (1954-1955)
Sol de oro: coin from Republic of Peru (1935-1985)
Tyiyn: coin of Kyrgyz Republic; 1/100 som
Kuruş: coin from Republic of Turkey; 1/100 lirasi
Livre: coin from Republic of Lebanon; 100 piastre
New sheqel: coin from State of Israel (1985-...)
Tögrög: coin of Mongolian People's Republic (1925-...); 100 möngö
Pul: coin from Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (1980); 1/100 afghani
Chetrum: coin from Kingdom of Bhutan (1974-1975); 1/100 ngultrum