Tyiyn: coin of Kyrgyz Republic; 1/100 som


1 tyiyn, 2008: Kyrgyz Republic

1 tyiyn, 2008: Kyrgyz Republic

Coins of this type never used in real money circulation: they were minted exclusively for numismatists in sets only.

1 ТЫЙЫН: 1 tyiyn.

One of the most common elements of ornament in Kyrgyz culture is the so-called "Gül" (Kyrgyz "Гүл" means "flower").


Emblem of Kyrgyzstan (coat of arms): the bird Ak Shumkar as a symbol of purity and nobleness of thoughts is sung in legends and folk epos. The sun rises above the Kyrgyz land with Issyk-Kul lake and the snowy peaks of the Ala-Too mountains (Tian Shan).

Kazakhstan Mint (Oskemen, Kazakhstan).

Mintage: 95.000.

  • Aluminium-bronze: 14 mm - 1 g
  • Reference price: 1.8$

COIN TYIYN — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KYRGYZ REPUBLIC (2008-...): tyiyn = 1/100 som

About the name of the coin tyiyn (Kyrgyz "Тыйын"): the name of the coin tyiyn translated from the Turkic languages means "squirrel", whose fur in ancient times played the role of money in trade.
In Soviet times, a kopeck of the USSR in the Central Asian region was called tyiyn (as well as related names: tiyin of Uzbekistan and tiyn of Kazakhstan).