Tiyin: coin from Republic of Uzbekistan (1994-...); 1/100 soʻm


50 tiyin (тийин), 1994: Republic of Uzbekistan

50 tiyin (тийин), 1994: Republic of Uzbekistan

50 ТИЙИН - 1994: 50 tiyin, 1994.

Cotton branches.

ЎЗБЕКИСТОН РЕСПУБЛИКАСИ: Republic of Uzbekistan.

Coat of arms of Uzbekistan (Huma bird, — in Iranian and Arabic mythology, as well as in the Arabized mythology of the peoples of Central Asia — a magic bird, symbol of happiness); 12 stars representing 12 provinces of Uzbekistan.

Inscription on edge of coin with a spelling error: ЗЛЛИК ТИЙИН instead ЭЛЛИК ТИЙИН (fifty tiyin).

Variety of coins without dots around obverse.

Tashkent Mint of the State Enterprise "Davlat Belgisi", Uzbekistan.

  • Nickel plated steel: 23.9 mm - 4.8 g
  • Reference price: 0.8$

COIN TIYIN — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN (1994-...): tiyin = 1/100 soʻm

The name of the coin tiyin translated from the Turkic languages means "squirrel", whose fur in ancient times played the role of money in trade.
In Soviet times, a kopeck of the USSR in the Central Asian region was called tiyin (as well as related names: tyin of Kazakhstan and tyiyn of Kyrgyzstan).