Cavallo: coin from Kingdom of Naples; 1/12 grano


4 cavalli, 1804: Kingdom of Naples (Italy)

4 cavalli, 1804: Kingdom of Naples (Italy)

Ruler: Ferdinand IV (Italian "Ferdinando di Borbone-Due Sicilie") — king of the Kingdom of Naples (1759-1799, 1799-1806, 1815-1816). Also known as Ferdinand I (as the King of the Two Sicilies) and as Ferdinand III (as the Kingdom of Sicily).

C 4: cavallo 4 (4 cavalli).

One bunch of grapes with two leaves.

FERDINAN IV D.G. REX: Ferdinand IV, by the Grace of God, King (the short title of the ruler is indicated in Latin).

Portrait of the monarch.

Mintage: 418.400.

  • Copper: 18 mm - 1.68 g
  • Reference price: 9.5$

COIN CAVALLO — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KINGDOM OF NAPLES (Italian states, 15th-19th centuries): cavallo = 1/6 tornese = 1/12 grano = 1/1440 piastra
  2. L'AQUILA, PAPAL STATES (Italian states, 15th century): cavallo

About the name of the coin cavallo (plural — cavalli): "cavallo" means "horse" in Italian. The horse itself was depicted on the first coins of this type (15th century).