Denier tournois: coin from the Duchy of Athens (1280-1308)


Denier tournois, 1294-1308: Duchy of Athens

Denier tournois, 1294-1308: Duchy of Athens

The Duchy of Athens — one of the Crusader states set up in Greece after the conquest of the Byzantine Empire. The period in Greek history known as Frankokratia (French and Italian states in the Balkans).

Ruler: Guy II de la Roche — the Duke of Athens.

Cross pattée and Tours Cathedral (Châtel Tournois).

GVI DVX ATENES / THEBANI CIVIS — Guy Duke of Athens / City of Thebes (Greece).

The city Thebes was selected by the Frankish dynasty de la Roche as its capital (capital of the Duchy of Athens).

  • Silver: 18 mm - 0.85 g
  • Reference price: 17$

COIN DENIER TOURNOIS — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. DUCHY OF ATHENS (1280-1308): denier tournois = 1/12 gros tournois
  2. DESPOTATE OF EPIRUS (1321-1335): denier tournois = 1/12 gros tournois
  3. PRINCIPALITY OF ACHAEA (1278-1333): denier tournois = 1/12 gros tournois
  4. FRANCE — including Touraine, principality of Dombes, Principality of Orange... (12th-17th centuries): denier tournois = 1/12 gros tournois

The name of the denier tournois coin reflects the essence of the coin — the denier of the city Tours (France).