Oord: coin of Spanish Netherlands (Duchy of Brabant)


Oord, 1607: Duchy of Brabant (Spanish Netherlands)

Oord, 1607: Duchy of Brabant (Spanish Netherlands)

Ruler: Albert VII — Archduke of Austria and, jointly with his wife, Isabella Clara Eugenia, sovereign of the Habsburg Netherlands between 1598 and 1621.

ARCHIDVCES AVST DVC BVR ET B (Archiduces Austriae, Duces Burgundiae et Brabantiae): Archdukes of Austria, dukes of Burgundy and Brabant.

Crowned Cross of Burgundy with a large star from city coat of arms of Maastricht at center.

ALBERTVS ET ELISABET DEI G (Albertvs et Elisabet Dei Gratia): Albert and Isabella, by the Grace of God.

Coat of arms of Archduke Albert VII of Austria.

Stars on the obverse and reverse of the coin.

Some catalogs refer to this coin as a liard. I do not agree with this. — I consider all coins of the French liard type, which were issued in modern Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), to be oords.

Maastricht Mint.

By the way, I confess: when it comes to old coins of the Benelux member countries, I always have quite a dilemma — to which state entity should I attribute this or that coin from this or that historical period. For example, the coins of Brabant, Flanders... (and other historical regions of the Benelux), relatively speaking 14th-18th centuries, some sources refer to different numismatic sections / subdivisions: coins of Belgium or the Netherlands, Belgian or Netherlands states, Burgundian Netherlands or Spanish Netherlands, Habsburg Netherlands or Austrian Netherlands...

  • Copper: 26 mm - 3.59 g
  • Reference price: 30$

COIN OORD — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. BELGIAN AND NETHERLANDS STATES (Duchy of Brabant, County of Flanders, Province of Zeeland, Province of Friesland, County of Holland..., 16th-18th centuries): oord = 12 mijt = 1/80 gulden

OORD as coin name.
Oord — Western European copper coin of the 16th-18th centuries. Minted on the lands of modern Netherlands and Belgium.
In numismatic collections, the oords of the following Belgian and Netherlands (Dutch) states are most often found — Duchy of Brabant, County of Flanders, Duchy of Guelders, Province of Friesland...
The oord was most often 1/80 of the corresponding gulden.
Most likely, the oord is a local descendant of the French coin liard.