Rigsbankskilling: coin from Kingdom of Denmark


1 rigsbankskilling, 1813: Kingdom of Denmark

1 rigsbankskilling, 1813: Kingdom of Denmark

Ruler: Frederick VI — King of Denmark (1808-1839) and King of Norway (1808-1814); the last king of Denmark-Norway.

Denmark-Norway — 16th-to-19th-century multi-national union consisting of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Kingdom of Norway, the Duchy of Schleswig, and the Duchy of Holstein. The state also claimed sovereignty over three historical peoples: Frisians, Gutes and Wends. Denmark-Norway had several colonies (the Danish Gold Coast, the Nicobar Islands, Serampore, Tharangambadi, and the Danish West Indies). The union was also known as the Dano-Norwegian Realm.


FREDERICUS VI DEI GRATIA REX: Frederick VI — King by the Grace of God.

Portrait of the monarch.

  • Copper: 21 mm - 4.89 g
  • Reference price: 9$

COIN RIGSBANKSKILLING — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KINGDOM OF DENMARK (1813-1853): rigsbankskilling = 1/96 rigsbankdaler

Rigsbankskilling — Danish exchange coin in 1813-1853. It was 1/96th of the Danish currency of that time — rigsbankdaler.
The Danes used this coin for less than 50 years, but in this short time they managed to mint a significant number of varieties. In particular, the following denominations were issued: 1/5, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 16 and 32 rigsbankskilling. Depending on the denomination, copper or silver of different purity was used — 0.208, 0.229, 0.250, 0.375, 0.500, 0.687.
The name of the coin was marked differently: rigsbankskilling (or Rigsbank Skilling), R.B.S., RB.SK.
As a rule, the coin contained the portrait of the ruler or the king's monogram.
Rigsbankskilling was replaced in the 1850s by a similar coin — skilling rigsmønt ("State skilling coin"). For unknown reasons, numismatic dictionaries and other specialized sources distinguish rigsbankskilling as a separate independent coin, but do not distinguish skilling rigsmønt (considered only as a type of skilling). Also, for some reason, the Swedish coin "Skilling Banco" (also refers to ordinary skillings) is not an independent denomination.
The name of the coin rigsbankskilling in translation from the Danish language literally means "skilling of the National Bank".