Polupoltinnik: coin of Russian Empire (1701-1810)


Polupoltinnik (Полуполтинник), 1754: Russian Empire

Polupoltinnik (Полуполтинник), 1754: Russian Empire

Ruler: Elizaveta Petrovna — the Empress of the Russian Empire.

Coat of arms of the Russian Empire (the two-headed eagle). ПОЛУПОЛТИННИКЪ (POLUPOLTINNIK). МБ (Михаил Бобровшиков) — Mintmaster Mikhail Bobrovshikov.

Portrait of Elizaveta.

БМ ЕЛИСАВЕТЪ I IМП: І САМОД∙ ВСЕРОС: ММД — BY GOD'S GRACE ELIZAVETA I EMPRESS AND AUTOCRAT OF ALL RUSSIA; mintmark of Moscow Mint (Krasny Mint, Moscow): "ММД" ("Московский монетный двор; Красный двор, Москва").

  • Silver (0.802): 23 mm - 5.64 g
  • Reference price: 29$

COIN POLUPOLTINNIK — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. RUSSIAN EMPIRE (1701-1810): polupoltinnik = 25 kopeck = 1/4 ruble (The Russian Empire was created by Peter I in 1721 on the basis of Tsardom of Muscovy /Tsardom of Russia/, which has existed since 1547)

The name of the polupoltinnik (russian "полуполтинник") coin indicates the value of the half (russian "половина, полу-, пол") poltinnik coin.