Schwaren: coin from Grand Duchy of Oldenburg (19th century)


3 schwaren, 1859: Grand Duchy of Oldenburg

3 schwaren, 1859: Grand Duchy of Oldenburg

Grand Duchy of Oldenburg — a state that existed in the territory of modern Germany in the XIX and early XX centuries.

Ruler: Peter II (Nikolaus Friedrich Peter) — Grand Duke of Oldenburg.

3 SCHWAREN - 1859 - SCHEIDEMÜNZE: 3 schwaren, 1859; change coin (small change).

B — symbol of Hanover (Germany) mint; münzmeister: Theodor Wilhelm Bruel.

HRZGTH. OLDENB.: Herzogtum Holstein-Oldenburg.

Monogram of the ruler (crown over the initials NFP /Nikolaus Friedrich Peter/).

Mintage: 432.000.

  • Copper: 21 mm - 3.8 g
  • Reference price: 12$

COIN SCHWAREN — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. GRAND DUCHY OF OLDENBURG (19th century): schwaren = 1/5 groten = 1/360 thaler
  2. FREE IMPERIAL CITY OF BREMEN (18th-19th centuries): schwaren = 1/5 groten = 1/360 thaler

The name of the coin schwaren comes from the word "heavy/strong" — German "Schwierig/Schwerer" (in the context of "heavy pfennig" — "Swarer or Schwerer pfennig"). The fact is that during the Middle Ages in the German lands there was a long period when the quality of silver coins gradually decreased: they became smaller and smaller (thinner). In the 14th century, in contrast to these so-called light pfennigs, full-fledged coins came again. They began to be called heavy pfennigs or, later, schwaren.