Poltina: coin of Russian Empire (1699-1885)


Poltina (Полтина), 1819: Russian Empire

Poltina (Полтина), 1819: Russian Empire

Ruler: Alexander I — the Emperor of the Russian Empire.

ЧИСТАГО СЕРЕБРА 2 ЗОЛОТН. 10½ ДОЛЕЙ - С.П.Б. — PURE SILVER 2 ZOLOTNIK 10½ PARTS; mintmark of Saint Petersburg Mint: "С.П.Б." (Санкт-Петербургский монетный двор).

Zolotnik — a small Russian unit of weight, equal to 4.2658 g; part (dolya) equal to 44.435 mg.

Coat of arms of the Russian Empire (the two-headed eagle).


ПС (Павел Ступицин) — Mintmaster Pavel Stupitsyn.

  • Silver (0.868): 28.5 mm - 9.87 g
  • Reference price: 8.5$

COIN POLTINA — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. RUSSIAN EMPIRE (1699-1885): poltina = 50 kopeck = 1/2 ruble (The Russian Empire was created by Peter I in 1721 on the basis of Tsardom of Muscovy /Tsardom of Russia/, which has existed since 1547)

The etymology of the word "poltina" (russian "полтина") is not entirely clear. According to one version, "pol" (russian "пол, половина": "HALF") + "tin/tyn" (russian "тин" — meant a "RUBLE" — from the verb "cut" /russian "резать" or "тинать"/). So, poltina — "a half of ruble". Or from "polt'" (russian "Полть" — half of the carcass, cut along the ridge). It's, again, about half a ruble.