Baiocco: coin of Papal States (17th-19th centuries); 1/100 scudo


1/2 baiocco, 1844: Papal States

1/2 baiocco, 1844: Papal States

Ruler: Pope Gregory XVI (Latin: Gregorius XVI) — the ruler of the Papal States from 1831 to 1846.

MEZZO BAIOCCO - 1844: half baiocco, 1844.

Denomination of the coin and the date inside the wreath.

GREGORIVS XVI PONT [ifex] MAX [imus] - A XIV: 14th year [of the reign] of Gregory XVI, Greatest Bishop.

Coat of arms of Pope Gregory XVI based on the coat of arms of the Papal States.

Sign B under the coat of arms: Bologna mint, Italy.

  • Copper: 23.5 mm - 4.8 g
  • Reference price: 23$

COIN BAIOCCO — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. ITALIAN STATES, 17th-19th centuries (Papal States /Ancona, Bologna, Fermo, Ferrara, Foligno, Gubbio, Ravenna…/, Roman Republic): baiocco = 5 quattrino = 1/100 scudo

The origin of the name of the coin baiocco (plural: baiocchi) is not known for sure, but according to one version the name of the coin comes from the name of the French city of Bayeux, where in antiquity was first issued a prototype of this coin.
Be that as it may, for several centuries the use of baiocco in Italian lands could not but leave a noticeable mark in the culture and way of life of the people: in some places in Italy small coins are still called baiocco, and the Italian phrase "Senza un Baiocco" ("Without a single money") firmly rooted in the Italian language.