Ferrarino: coin from Marquisate of Ferrara (Italy)


Ferrarino (denaro ferrarino), 1344-1352: Marquisate of Ferrara (Italy)

Ferrarino (denaro ferrarino), 1344-1352: Marquisate of Ferrara (Italy)

Ruler: Obizzo III d'Este (House of Este) — Marquess of Ferrara from 1317 until 1352.

OPZ MCHIO: Obizzo Marchio.

White eagle (Eagle of Este) — antique heraldic symbol of the House of Este (European dynasty of North Italian origin whose members ruled parts of Italy and Germany for many centuries).

Gothic letter "F" in the center and the legend "ERARIA" in the circle (together: FERARIA).

  • Silver (billon): 14 mm - 0.44 g
  • Reference price: 4$

COIN FERRARINO — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. MARQUISATE OF FERRARA, ITALY (1200-1352): ferrarino (denaro ferrarino)

FERRARINO as coin name.
Ferrarino or Denaro Ferrarino — medieval billon coin of Ferrara (a city and province in northern Italy). A type of Italian denaro.
At the end of the 12th century, the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, Frederick I Barbarossa (Hohenstaufen dynasty), granted the city of Ferrara the right to mint its own coin. And around 1200, a mint was opened there.
One of the first coins of Ferrara was the local denaro. Modern numismatists often refer to this coin as a ferrarino.
Analyzing numismatic sources, it was possible to find information about only two types of ferrarino:
  • Denaro with the name of Frederick I (Italian "Federico I"): cross as a typical plot of medieval European coins, graphic abbreviation (monogram) F D R C (FEDERICO), legend IMPERATOR + FERARIA.
  • Denaro with the name of Obizzo III d'Este (Marquis /ruler/ of Ferrara in 1344-1352): eagle as coat of arms of the House of Este, legend OPZ MCHIO (Obizzo Marchio: Marquis Obizzo) and inscription FERARIA (first letter placed in the center of the reverse of the coin in the form of a calligraphic Gothic letter "F", in a circle — "ERARIA").
Relative to other medieval Italian coins, the denaro ferrarino can be considered an infrequent denomination in numismatic collections.
The name of the Ferrarino coin is extremely modern. At one time, it was a denaro of the city of Ferrara, which received the conventional name "ferrarino" (or "denaro ferrarino") among numismatists.