Grivennik: coin of Russian Empire (1701-1796); 10 kopeck


Grivennik (Гривенник), 1748: Russian Empire

Grivennik (Гривенникъ), 1748: Russian Empire

Ruler: Russian Empress in 1741-1762 Elizabeth Petrovna (also: Yelisaveta or Elizaveta; Russian "Елизавета Петровна").

ГРИВЕННИКЪ, 1748: grivennik, 1748.

Above denomination of coin — crown. Floral ornament.

Б. М. ЕЛИСАВЕТЪ. I. IМП. I САМОД. ВСЕРОС: By the Grace of God Elizabeth I Empress and Autocrat of all Russia.

A portrait of Empress Elizabeth I Petrovna.

Mintage: 3.265.000.

  • Silver (0.750): 20 mm - 2.99 g
  • Reference price: 12$

COIN GRIVENNIK — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. RUSSIAN EMPIRE (1701-1796): grivennik = 10 kopeck = 1/10 ruble (The Russian Empire was created by Peter I in 1721 on the basis of Tsardom of Muscovy /Tsardom of Russia/, which has existed since 1547)

The name of grivennik coin comes from the grivna (silver currency in the form of an ingot: "monetary grivna") of the times of Kyivan Rus'.
In addition, the grivna was called a unit of weight, popular in Kyiv (modern capital of Ukraine) and surrounding lands.
Unofficially (in everyday life) as grivennik in Russia (and in the Soviet Union) were often called all coins with a face value of 10 kopecks.