Parvus: coin from Kingdom of Hungary (1308-1430)


Parvus, 1387-1437: Kingdom of Hungary (Sigismund of Luxembourg)

Parvus, 1387-1437: Kingdom of Hungary (Sigismund of Luxembourg)

Ruler: Sigismund of Luxembourg — prince-elector of Brandenburg, king of Hungary and Croatia from 1387, king of Germany from 1411, king of Bohemia from 1419, king of Italy from 1431, Holy Roman Emperor (1433-1437).

ND (no date).

Cross and 4 crowns in each of the quadrants.

Royal Standard of Hungary under the rule of Sigismund: shield divided into 4 parts — twice "Árpád stripes" (Arpads — the first dynasty of Hungarian rulers; Prince Arpad united the Hungarian tribes in the IX century) and twice "Brandenburg Eagle" (the coat of arms of Brandenburg).

  • Silver: 10 mm - 0.25 g
  • Reference price: 3.7$

COIN PARVUS — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KINGDOM OF HUNGARY (1308-1430): parvus = 1/3 denár
  2. KINGDOM OF BOHEMIA (1300-1350): parvus = 1/12 prague gross

In Latin, "parvus" means "small". Thus, the name very aptly describes the coin itself — an extremely small silver coin weighing only about 0.2 g and even less.