Shilin: coin of Somali Democratic Republic; 100 senti


1 shilin, 1976: Somali Democratic Republic

1 shilin, 1976: Somali Democratic Republic

Commemorative coin for circulating (some numismatic catalogs attribute this coin to the FAO series, but there is no mention of this on the coin itself).

1 shilin - 1976.

شلن - ١٩٧٦: coin denomination and date duplicated in Arabic.

Lamb in the middle between the date by Roman and Arabic scripts.

JAMHURIYADDA DIMOQRAADIGA SOOMAALIYA: Somali Democratic Republic (in Somali).

جمهورية الصومال الديمقراطية: Somali Democratic Republic (in Arabic).

Coat of arms of Somalia: a golden framed shield of the Somali flag supported by two leopards standing on spears.

Coin design: Barry Stanton (English designer, sculptor, engraver and medallist).

Royal Mint (United Kingdom).

Mintage: 20.040.000.

  • Copper-nickel: 25 mm - 6.2 g
  • Reference price: 2.5$

COIN SHILIN — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. SOMALI DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC (1976-1984): shilin = 100 senti

About the name of the coin shilin: since 1960, the official currency of Somalia is the shilling. It would seem that everything is simple with Somali coins. But it's not quite so...
The fact is that some of the coins of Somalia contain the English name of the monetary unit: the shilling. However, traces of the Italian colonial past can be found in the early types. Their denomination was indicated in the Italian format — scellino. Moreover, there have been several interim issues of Somali shilling coins that use the Somali language. This is the coin shown above — SHILIN.
That is, in fact the shilling, scellino and shilin are the same currency known in the English-speaking world as the Somali shilling. However, for me as a numismatist looking for different types of coin names, these are three separate names (formally these are three different Latin terms).