Skar: coin of Tibet (1909-1926); 1/10 sho


7½ skar, 1921: Tibet

7½ skar, 1921: Tibet

Ruler: Thubten Gyatso (Ngawang Lobsang Thubten Gyatso Jigdral Chokley Namgyal) — the 13th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Date on coin: ༡༥-༥༥ (15-55: Tibetan calendar) = 1921 (Gregorian calendar).

In accordance with the Tibetan calendar, the timeline is divided into the equal time cells, — 60 years. The rule for writing the date on Tibetan coins is: the number of the cycle is specified first, followed by the serial number of a year in the current cycle.

Ornament (fishes) and a snow lion as a character of Buddhist mythology and an element of the Tibetan coat of arms.

Scalloped coin.

  • Copper: 22 mm - 3.94 g
  • Reference price: 14$

COIN SKAR — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. TIBET (1909-1926): skar = 1/10 sho = 1/100 srang

Why is this coin called a skar? — Personally, I do not know for sure... However, there is information that originally the skar was considered a measure of weight and this term meant "star". The fact is that on the ancient Tibetan and Chinese scales instead of numbers were put special marks — stars. The weight that corresponded to the scale of the interval between two stars, and was called in translation "star" — skar.