Kopeck serebrom: coin of Russian Empire (1839-1848)


1 kopeck serebrom, 1841: Russian Empire

1 kopeck serebrom, 1841: Russian Empire

Ruler: Nicholas I (Russian "Николай Павлович Романов") — Emperor of Russia (1825-1855), King of Congress Poland and Grand Duke of Finland.

1 КОПѢЙКА СЕРЕБРОМЪ: 1 kopeck serebrom.

Е. М. under date: Yekaterinburg Mint (Russian "Екатеринбургский монетный двор").

Н І under imperial crown: crowned monogram of Nicholas I.

Mintage: 19.341.000.

  • Copper: 27 mm - 11.85 g
  • Reference price: 5$

COIN KOPECK SEREBROM — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. RUSSIAN EMPIRE (1839-1848): kopeck serebrom = 1/100 ruble

KOPECK SEREBROM as coin name.
Kopeck serebrom — copper coin of the Russian Empire, which was issued during 1839-1848; a variety of kopeck.
Coins with the denomination "КОПѢЙКА СЕРЕБРОМЪ" (literally "kopeck by silver") appeared as a result of the reform of 1839-1843, during which the silver ruble became the main monetary unit, and all calculations began to be made exclusively in silver.
Instead of the 3⅕ copper kopecks of the previous series, a more expensive coin was introduced in several denominations: were issued 1/4 (instead of polushka), 1/2 (instead of den'ga), 1, 2 and 3 kopeck serebrom. This new de facto copper coin was nominally equated to a silver coin in a ratio of 1:1. That is, for example, 10 pcs of "1 kopeck serebrom" coins made of copper could be exchanged freely, without any delays, for 1 silver coin with a denomination of 10 kopecks.
Coins were minted by four Russian Mints and one Polish one (at that time also the Russian Empire), as evidenced by the corresponding marks:
  • Е.М. – Yekaterinburg Mint
  • С.П.М. – Izhora Mint (near St. Petersburg)
  • С.П.Б. – St. Petersburg Mint
  • С.М. – Suzun Mint
  • M.W. – Warsaw Mint
All the mentioned coins on the obverse contained the artistic monogram of Emperor Nicholas I in the format stylized cyryllic N I — "Н І", — and the image of the imperial crown. The edge is smooth.
Kopecks serebrom were large coins: up to 30.7 grams.
The name of the kopeck serebrom coin is, in fact, strange to say the least. As in its time, it is now capable of misleading. On my own experience, I am convinced that many people who are far from numismatics, despite the obvious reddish-copper color of the mentioned coins, mistakenly believe that they are, in fact, silver...