Denezhka: coin of Russian Empire (1849-1867)


Denezhka, 1854: Russian Empire

Denezhka, 1854: Russian Empire

Ruler: Nicholas I (Russian "Николай Павлович Романов") — Emperor of Russia (1825-1855), King of Congress Poland and Grand Duke of Finland.

ДЕНЕЖКА: denezhka.

Е.М.: sign of Yekaterinburg Mint (Russian "Екатеринбургский монетный двор").

Imperial crown of Russia above the face value (denomination) of the coin.

H I: crowned monogram of Nicholas I (Николай І).

Mintage: 13.753.600.

  • Copper: 18 mm - 2.2 g
  • Reference price: 3.0$

COIN DENEZHKA — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. RUSSIAN EMPIRE (1849-1867): denezhka = 2 polushka = 1/2 kopeck

DENEZHKA as coin name.
Denezhka (Russian "денежка") was a small copper coin of the Russian Empire (minted during 1849-1867), equal in value to 1/2 kopeck.
The coin was minted by two mints: Yekaterinburg, Russia (mintmark E.M.) and Warsaw, Poland (mintmark В.M.).
The name of the coin denezhka is nothing but an evolution of the term "denga". However, this name did not stick: it was used for only 18 years throughout history.
The following evolution of one of the previously popular denominations of Russian coins can be traced: denga, den'ga, ½ kopeck serebrom, denezhka, ½ kopeck, polkopeck.
By the way, the Russian-speaking population still widely uses the term "denezhka" to denote money (Russian "деньги") in general.