Teutonic schilling: coin from State of the Teutonic Order


Teutonic schilling, 1422-1441: State of the Teutonic Order

Teutonic schilling, 1422-1441: State of the Teutonic Order

Ruler: Paul von Rusdorf — the 29th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights.

MONETA DNORVM PRVC (Latin "Moneta Dominorum Prussiae"): coin of the ruler of Prussia.

Coat of arms of the State of the Teutonic Order (cross on the shield).

MAGST PAVLVS PRIM (Latin "Magister Paulus Primus"): Grand Master Paul (or Master Paul The First).

Shield with an eagle on a cross (inside the shield): a common element of the coats of arms of all Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order.

  • Silver: 20 mm - 0.94 g
  • Reference price: 15$

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  1. STATE OF THE TEUTONIC ORDER (1351-1497): teutonic schilling

Teutonic schilling (schilling of Teutons) is a conventional name for typical silver coins of the Teutonic Order of the 14th and 15th centuries, which has firmly established itself in the lexicon of modern numismatists.
Teutonic schilling next to Livonian schilling is only one of many types of schilling coin. It's just that these two aforementioned varieties are considered cult among numismatists. Therefore, they are often separated into separate coin names.