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Pogh: coin from Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (1080-1375)


1 pogh, 1296-1298: Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

Pogh, 1296-1298: Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

Ruler: Smbat I Hetumian /Smpad/ — king of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia during 1296-1298.

ՍՄԲԱՏ ՀԱՅՈՑ ԹԱԳԱՒՈՐ: Smbat King of the Armenians.

King Smbat I Hetumian on horseback riding with the mace (symbol of monarchical power) over his shoulder.

ՇԻՆԵԱԼ Ի ՔԱՂԱՔՆ Ի ՍԻՍ: Struck (minted) in the city of Sis /Sis — the capital of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia in 1198-1375/.

Cross with four doves (symbol of peace) in each quadrant.

Approximate legends are indicated with abbreviations: inscriptions are extremely difficult to read on almost all known copies of this coin.

  • Copper: 20 mm - 1.48 g
  • Reference price: 14$

COIN POGH — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. ARMENIAN KINGDOM OF CILICIA (1080-1375): pogh = 1/8 tank = 1/4 kardez = 1/40 tram

About the name of the coin pogh: term "pogh" is firmly entrenched in the modern Armenian language — in the East Armenian dialect this term means "money" in the general sense (interestingly, in the West Armenian dialect the equivalent is "tram").
There is no exact data on the origin of the word pogh (Armenian: "փող"). However, it is known that in pagan (ancient) Armenia it was called wind musical instruments (trumpet, duduk...). But how the music is related to the name of the coin is unknown.