Ecu: coin from Principality of Dombes (France); 60 sol


1/12 ecu, 1665: Principality of Dombes (France)

1/12 ecu, 1665: Principality of Dombes (France)

Ruler: Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans, Duchess of Montpensier — 19th Princess of Dombes.

DNS ADIVTOR ET REDEM MEVS: Latin "Dominus adiutor et redemptor meus" — The Lord is my helper and redeemer.

Arms of the Dukes of Orléans of the House of Orléans (fleur-de-lis, crown, lambel).

AN MA LOV PRINC SOVV DE DOM: French "Anne Marie Louise, Princess Souveraine de Dombes" — Anne Marie Louise, Sovereign Princess of Dombes.

Portrait of the Duchess.

A: sign of Paris Mint (France).

  • Silver: 20 mm - 2.16 g
  • Reference price: 20$

COIN ECU — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. FRANCE, different issuers (13th-18th centuries): ecu = 60 sol /at different times the ratio between the coins changed regularly; in addition, gold and silver ecu had different values/

About the name of the coin ecu: the name of this coin is closely related to the main element of its topic — the image of the royal coat of arms inside a triangular French shield (the so-called shield-ecu; French "écu").
In other countries, coins with shields had similar names: escudo (Spain; later — Portugal), scudo (Italy)...