Luma: coin from Republic of Armenia (1994-...); 1/100 dram


50 luma, 1994: Republic of Armenia

50 luma, 1994: Republic of Armenia

50 ԼՈՒՄԱ - 1994: 50 luma - 1994.

ՀԱՅԱՍՏԱՆ: Armenia.

Coat of arms of Armenia: main elements — an eagle and a lion supporting a shield. The coat of arms combines new and old symbols. The eagle and lion are ancient Armenian symbols dating from the first Armenian kingdoms that existed prior to Christ.

Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska; Warsaw, Poland).

  • Aluminium: 20 mm - 0.95 g
  • Reference price: 0.7$

COIN LUMA — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA (1994-...): luma = 1/100 dram
  2. REPUBLIC OF ARTSAKH or NAGORNO-KARABAKH REPUBLIC (state with limited recognition: a breakaway state in the South Caucasus supported by Armenia, whose territory is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan): luma = 1/100 dram (non-circulating coins)

The coin luma owes its name to the name of the ancient Byzantine coin Nummus. 
The first coin with this denomination was minted in 1994. Before that, such a coin did not exist.