Cauri: coin from Republic of Guinea (1971); 1/100 syli


50 cauri, 1971: Republic of Guinea

50 cauris, 1971: Republic of Guinea

TRAVAIL - JUSTICE - SOLIDARITE: motto in french from national coat of arms — Work, Justice, Solidarity.

50 CAURIS: denomination of the coin.

LE 1-er MARS 1960: on March 1, 1960 Guinea introduced its first currency, the Guinean franc (the first monetary reform).

REPUBLIQUE DE GUINEE: Republic of Guinea.

Cowry shell — an old substitute for money in Guinea.

  • Aluminium: 19 mm - 0.7 g
  • Reference price: 2.7$

COIN CAURI — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. REPUBLIC OF GUINEA (1971): cauri = 1/100 syli

The cauri coin got its name from the name of the shell — cowry (in many countries around the world they were used in ancient times for monetary payments for thousands of years; an ancient substitute for money).
By the way, in some regions of China cowries were used next to coins until the middle of the XIX century; cowries also entered the territory of Kyivan Rus', in particular, they became widespread in the so-called "coinless period" (XII-XIV centuries).