Fuang: coin from Kingdom of Cambodia (19th century); 1/8 tical


1 fuang, ND (1847): Kingdom of Cambodia

1 fuang, ND (1847): Kingdom of Cambodia

Hamsa bird: a sacred swan in Buddhist and Hindu mythology.

Uniface (one-sided coin).

A coin with a single image and without any legend.

Many numismatic sources indicate the denomination for this coin as 1/2 fuang. However, in my opinion, this is a mistake. I trust the authoritative print publication — Standard Catalog of World Coins, Krause Publications — which calls this coin a fuang as opposed to a 1/2 fuang depicting a garuda bird.

  • Silver: 15 mm - 1.57 g
  • Reference price: 15$

COIN FUANG — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA (19th century): fuang = 1/8 tical
KINGDOM OF SIAM (18th-20th centuries): fueang (not fuang) = 1/8 baht (earlier — tical) = 1/2 salung = 4 pai = 8 att = 16 solot /the first Thai fueang were issued in the form of coin-shaped ingots: the so-called "Bullet Coinage"/
Quite a rare case in numismatics: the etymology of the name of the fuang coin is completely unknown. The only thing known is that in Cambodia the name of the coin was written as ហួង (Huang), while in Thailand (Siam) — เฟื้อง (Fueang/Fueng). The Thai term, by the way, can be literally translated as gear or gearwheel.