Filler: coin from Kingdom of Hungary (1892-1922); 1/100 korona


20 filler (fillér), 1907: Kingdom of Hungary

20 filler (fillér), 1907: Kingdom of Hungary

Ruler: Franz Joseph I — Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia, and monarch of other states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

20 FILLÉR - K·B.

The Holy Crown of Hungary also known as the Crown of Saint Stephen — one of the main elements of the Hungarian coat of arms.

MAGYAR KIRÁLYI VÁLTÓPÉNZ: Hungarian Royal small (change) coin.

Mintage: 1.247.694.

Kremnica mint, nowadays Slovakia (mintmark "KB").

  • Nickel: 21 mm - 4 g
  • Reference price: 2.8$

COIN FILLER — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KINGDOM OF HUNGARY (1892-1922): filler = 1/100 korona + KINGDOM OF HUNGARY /the Regency or the Horthy era + Provisional Government/ (1926-1944): filler = 1/100 pengo + HUNGARY /Hungarian Republic + Hungarian People's Republic/ (1946-...): filler = 1/100 forint

The name of the filler coin comes from the German word "Vierer", which means "four". The fact is that during the Austro-Hungarian Empire fillers were unofficially called coins in 4 kreuzers (by the way, in Germany and Switzerland the local coin in 4 kreuzers was called a batzen).