Rigsdaler: coin from Kingdom of Denmark


1/2 rigsdaler, 1855: Kingdom of Denmark

1/2 rigsdaler, 1855: Kingdom of Denmark

Ruler: Frederick VII (Danish "Frederik Carl Christian") — the last King of Denmark (1848-1863) to rule as an absolute monarch. His motto was Danish "Folkets Kærlighed, min Styrke" ("People's Love, my Strength").


The denomination of the coin is indicated in a wreath of two oak branches.

Portrait of the Danish king Frederick VII.

FREDERICVS VII D: G: DANIÆ V: G: REX (the legend is in Latin): Frederick VII by the Grace of God, King of Denmark, of the Goths and the Wends.

Below the portrait, the initials of the Engraver (F.KFederick Christopher Khorn) and of the Mint master (V.S — Georg Vilhelm Svendsen) are indicated. Also the same miniature size depicts a crown as the mark of the Royal Danish Mint (Danish "Den Kongelige Mønt"; Copenhagen).

  • Silver (0.875): 27 mm - 7.04 g
  • Reference price: 23$

COIN RIGSDALER — WHERE & WHEN (coins catalog: by names & emitents)
  1. KINGDOM OF DENMARK (1854-1872): rigsdaler = 96 skilling rigsmønt

RIGSDALER as coin name.
The theme of my numismatic collection: coins of different denominations, names, types... To be honest, I like to find, discover and add to the collection more and more unique denominations: those coin names that are unknown to most people, even collectors.
It is because of this that I am not very interested in the coins of the Scandinavian countries of the 18th and 19th centuries. They are beautiful, impressive, high-quality... but the system of denominations is too difficult for me to understand, confusing and incomprehensible.
We are talking about different types of small denominations (skilling, skilling rigsmønt, skilling banco, skilling courant, skilling species, skilling skillemynt...) and about the main denominations (daler, daler silvermynt, speciedaler, rigsbankdaler, rigsdaler courant, riksdaler, rigsdaler...).
As is clear from the title, here is just a sample of a rigsdaler coin. If we consider exactly this wording (RIGSDALER: without any additional terms), then such coins were minted only by Denmark and during a relatively short period — from 1854 to 1872. We are talking about silver 1/2, 1 and 2 rigsdaler.
Regarding the meaning of the name of the coin, "Rigsdaler" literally means "National or State Daler" in Danish.