Quartaro: coin from Republic of Genoa (Italy); 1/4 denaro
Punt: coin from Republic of Ireland; 1990-2000
Stuiver bonk: coin of Netherlands East Indies
Rigsdaler: coin from Kingdom of Denmark
Macuquina: coin of Spanish Empire (Bolivian issue)
Medio centavo: coin from Republic of Chile; 1/2 centavo
Feoirling: coin from Republic of Ireland; 1/4 pingin
Cornado: coin from Spanish Kingdom of Castile and Leon
Nasri: coin of Ottoman Tunisia (Eyalet of Tunis)
Petermentger: coin from Electorate of Trier (Germany)
Groeschl: coin from Kingdom of Bohemia
New shekel: coin from State of Israel (2015-...)
Candareen-mace: coin of Hupeh Province (China)
Schilling courant: coin from Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Provisino: coin from Papal States; type of denaro
Follaro: coin from Kingdom of Sicily; 1/72 tari
Novi dinar: coin from Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Skilling-speciedaler | Øre-krone: coins from Kingdom of Norway
Token coins: Republic of Tatarstan (1992-1997)
Scilling: coin from Republic of Ireland; 12 pingin